True Support

We at dPolls strive to be the best; and being the best means being attentive to the needs of our users, and offering them the best possible support. So you can imagine our frustration when we receive a support request that we can’t help with. For example:

“Can you please help me? My dog of eight years has just been classified as a dangerous dog for no reason what so ever other than the opinion of council that he looks like a pitbull. We now face fines of up to $4000 if we don’t have him de-sexed and caged 24 hrs a day for the remaining years of his life. I am totally devastated about this ruling. Can you please help me in any way?”

True, this is not exactly a tech support request, but still, we want our users (and their pets!) to be happy and content; so if anyone out there has any advice for our devastated dog owner, let us know!

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