New release details

It’s June, it’s summer time (at least on our side of the planet), and while most people are busy working on their tan and travel plans, we here at dPolls have been busy working on a bunch of new features, which we are happy to report are now online! Here is a breakdown of the new and improved dPolls:

– Added the “Your Survey” page, which can be accessed from the “You” menu. What is the survey page? Basically it allows you to group a few topics and present them on one page, so if you’ve created a few related polls and want to make sure that they are all answered, the survey page is the perfect solution. You can add a poll to the survey page when you create it, or you can add an existing poll from the “Your Polls” page.

– Language filter: this determines in which languages polls will be displayed. You can access this menu either from the home page (upper left corner) or from “My Account” page. Click here to set your language preferences.

– The new and improved home page: you can now create a poll directly on the home page. In addition, we’ve added the most recent, most popular and featured polls, as well as links to the latest news from dPolls.

Poll creation: we’ve added the following options to the poll creation page:

– Show Image: this allows you to upload an image that will be used as a background for your poll.

– Multiple Answers: users can now select more than one answer to your poll questions!

– Block Repeat Voters: if you want to make sure that users can only vote once on each of your polls select this option.

– Add to Survey: adds your newly created poll to your survey page.

Keep checking in, as we are constantly updating and adding new functionality to the site; and as always, your input is appreciated and welcome, so don’t be shy about voicing your opinion; after all, that is what dPolls is all about…

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