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We’ve received a number of support emails asking for a more detailed explanation of how to export our polls to blogs, so I will be posting specific instructions for the popular blogging sites, starting with

1. Once you’ve finished creating your poll, copy the HTML code from “External poll HTML link”

2. On your Blogger dashboard, select “Manage Layout”- you will be redirected to a page titled “Add and Arrange Page Elements”

3. Click “Add a Page Element”

4. A new window will open, prompting you to “Choose a New Page Element”

5. One of the elements listed is “HTML/JavaScript – Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog”- click the “Add to Blog” button.

6. Give the poll a title if you’d like, then paste the HTML code into the content window, click “Save Changes”

7. That’s it- the window will close, and the poll will now appear on your blog!

2 responses to “How to export poll widget to”

  1. Taikor says :

    I recently use dPolls in Blogger.

    Due to my lack of awareness, I edited the code to exclude the “Powered by” link.

    This resulted in the poll service non-functional. I think it was suspended.

    I have now use the code in its entirety. And it works.

    But I’d like to know whether I can replace the image part with text instead? Some disabled users – visually poor or impaired – would rather ‘hear’ from texts. Or whether I can edit the ‘alt’ image element?

  2. Avner Erez says :

    Hi Taikor,
    We strongly advise against any changes to the html; we are aware of the problems you described, and will be addressing them in near future releases.

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