Opinion Polls are here!

dPolls is proud to announce the launch of Opinion Polls; a whole new way to discuss topics and get people’s opinions!

To start, click “Create an opinion topic” in the “You” menu, then follow these simple steps:

Enter your topic title: Write a short summary of your poll topic. For example, if you would like to hear what people think of a certain movie, enter the movie title: The Simpsons Movie.

Enter your topic description: Elaborate; sticking to our example, this would be the place to ask if people thought the movie was as good as the TV show.

Enter Related URL: This is an optional feature, which allows you to add a link to a relevant webpage or online content, for example, the movie trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL50ddCSJmo

Set your topic options:

Categories and Tags: You must assign a category and sub-category to your poll. Use of tags is optional but highly recommended; to learn more about tags click here. Next, select your poll language and desired duration, and add the poll to your Survey Page (optional).

Upload a picture: Optional feature which allows you to add an image to your poll widget.

Leave your opinion: If you want other users to know what you think, you can add your opinion while creating your poll.

Enter the verification code, click “Create”, and your poll is complete! You can now copy the html code and add it to your blog or site, same as with a regular poll.

Your feedback is very important to us; please email us with any comments, questions or requests.

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