What are Tags?

Tags are descriptors that you can assign to your polls in order to help you organize them and in order to allow other users with similar interests to find your polls. You can assign as many tags to a poll as you like, so tagging can be a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived categories or hierarchies.

For example, if you create a poll about the Transformers movie, you can use the following tags: “Transformers, Michael Bay, summer blockbusters, favorite movies”. If you create a poll about cell phones, you can tag it with the brand name, product category or a tag related to a specific feature, for example: “Nokia, cell phone, user interface”. You can use whichever tags you think could be used to find your poll; you don’t have to rely on the system to provide you with a relevant category. This is great for organizing and finding personal data, but it goes even further when someone else posts related content using the same tags. You begin building a collaborative repository of related information, driven by personal interests and creative organization. Feel free to experiment a bit, and remember, there are no wrong tags.

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