Different topics, different opinions

dPolls’ new Opinion Polls are a powerful tool; in fact, we decided it was so powerful it needed a little fine tuning, so we added 4 different opinion categories for you to choose from:

Person: Use this category if your topic is a musician, politician, athlete etc. Click here to see an example of a Person Opinion.

Product: This category covers any and all product reviews and opinions; you can add the product’s name, brand and description; you can also tell other users if you own this product. Click here to see an example of a Product Opinion.

Place: If you’d like to tell other users about a place you visited, or if you’d like to tell them about the place where you live, use this category. Click here to see an example of a Place Opinion.

Other: If your topic is a general one which does not fit any of the previous categories, please select “other”. Click here to see an example.

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