Make your vote count!

Some of you may have noticed a recent change to our poll widgets; when you vote on a poll while not logged in, the widget prompts you to register or sign up before the poll results are displayed: The reason we’ve made this change is in order to improve the polls’ results; when a logged in member votes we can deliver more accurate poll results. Check out these 2 examples:
This is an older poll which received many votes from non logged users; as you can see, 83% of the votes came from guests, rendering the poll results almost useless. In comparison, take a look at a more recent poll:
As you can see, the results are much more accurate and useful when the votes come from registered members.

You can still vote without logging in if you prefer- all you have to do is click the “skip” button on the widget and you will receive the poll results.

Avner & the Toluna Team

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