Points for opinions awarded retroactively

As many of you have no doubt noticed, shortly after the launch of the new Toluna we were forced to temporarily suspend the automatic awarding of 100 points for opinions of 80 words or more. This was done because unfortunately there was a great deal of junk content posted by spammers who were only interested in collecting their points.

So first of all we would like to announce that we are retroactively awarding the points to all members who wrote opinions post-launch and did not receive their points (spammers, don’t get your hopes up…). We have also decided to keep awarding points retroactively; in other words, if you write an opinion it will first be reviewed and only then will you receive your points- this of course is done in order to moderate the content and in order to keep junk content off the site.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Avner & the Toluna Team

One response to “Points for opinions awarded retroactively”

  1. subrahmanyasarmaemani says :

    though I have seen websites and I do think that toluna is the best, except for restricting to a country in certain aspects, and why dont u become universal,and I do believe that toluna will become the best in the world.change your approach and become number one in the world and dont restrict yourself to one country.

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