Voucher delivery temporarily suspended

Dear Toluna members,

Due to the very high volume of orders we have received since the beginning of December, which resulted in serious delays in voucher delivery time, we have temporarily suspended the delivery of vouchers.

You can still place an order for a voucher, but they will not be sent out immediately; we will resume delivery of vouchers around mid January. This of course will not affect your points balance in any way- once we’ve caught up with our backorders delivery time will return to normal.

We understand that this temporary condition may cause you some inconvenience and we hope you understand that we have taken this measure in order to improve our voucher delivery time and in order to eliminate any unreasonable delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding and our doing our best to resolve this problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Avner & the Toluna Team

12 responses to “Voucher delivery temporarily suspended”

  1. Michael says :

    I placed an order on the 18th November for the following:
    18/11/2007 Chateauonline.com -30 000


    18/11/2007 CD-WOW -60 000


    18/11/2007 CD-WOW -60 000

    The vouchers have not yet been received.
    Are they delayed as well?

  2. Anonymous says :

    I managed to order vouchers for Sainsbury in November – not had them and cant see Sainsburys under the partners? Sent E-mail to Toluna over a week ago and still no reply (clearly states Sainsbury under my points account?

    Anyone else manage to do this>?

  3. Michael says :

    Even though they ignore it, what’s the email address for toluna please?

  4. Anonymous says :

    Can Toluna admin please confirm that you are not going to stop doing the Sainsburys vouchers in the future? As previous posts have said, these do not now appear under the rewards listing despite the Toluna comment above saying you can still order them? Sainburys vouchers are and will be very popular with Toluna members.

  5. Anonymous says :

    I too ordered sainsbury vouchers in November and did not receive them though the points have been taken off my account.

  6. Johnboy says :

    Sainsbury vouchers are back today I notice. I spoke to someone on moneysavingexpert forums who ordered a Sainsbury voucher in November and received it just before Christmas. So some people are getting them!

  7. Maz says :

    22/11/2007 Sainsbury’s -30 000

    It’s now 11/01/08 and I’ve still not had my voucher!

  8. Gem says :

    still haven’t got my HMV voucher!

  9. wbafcben says :

    I still haven’t got my HMV voucher either! Ordered on the 23/11/2007!

  10. Anonymous says :

    i orded a cd wow vocucher back in october 07 and as we are nearly in march 08 i was just woundering if it normaly takes this long for a voucher to arrive.CD-WOW 18/09/2007 -60000 post No delivery date N/A

  11. Anonymous says :

    sorry should have put september 07

  12. Brin says :

    What an utter disgrace this state of afairs is, i’ll bet “Toluna” have been paid for their work, they are just delaying paying out, and collecting the interest that will accrue, i’ve ordered £30 of Sainsbury’s vouchers for ages now, and “when” or “if” i get them, will they add the interest that it could have earned, somehow, i don’t think so.

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