Usefulness voting

So you’re reading opinions about a cell phone you are considering buying, and you come across a detailed opinion that finally helps you make up your mind. Why not let this member know you appreciate their opinion? Give them a usefulness vote! Simply click “Yes” on the usefulness vote to the right of the opinion:

Usefulness voting makes it easier for other members to find and read opinions that were thought to be interesting and useful; you can see how many usefulness votes an opinion has received under the opinion itself:

And of course, you can keep track of the popularity and usefulness votes your opinions have received by checking your personal dashboard or your personal profile:

So next time you come across an opinion you like, make sure to give it a usefulness vote!
See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

2 responses to “Usefulness voting”

  1. CATARTHUR says :

    Just a thought but would it not be a bit of an incentive if after say 20 votes of usefullness you got 15 points added to your account?

  2. toppy85 says :

    15 for evey 20 isnt much of an incentive if you post your own topic and it gets lots of opinions added ie its a hot topic i think we should get extra points

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