Amazon vouchers now available!

Toluna is happy to introduce Amazon UK as our latest reward partner! Click here to convert your points to an Amazon voucher, or click here to learn more about Amazon vouchers.

Avner & The Toluna Team

19 responses to “Amazon vouchers now available!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I’ve emailed TWICE enquiring about my Amazon Voucher that hasn’t turned up yet!
    No answer from Toluna so far…not even an automatic acknowledgement letter!!

  2. Anonymous says :

    i have had the same response from toluna with my vouchers to ,this is just stupid,hours an hours of my time spent doing surveys to be just ingnored over such a small amout of money,well no more answering surveys until i get my vouchers,i am also going to email and post my complaints each and every day until this is resolved

  3. Anonymous says :

    I am waiting to see what happens. I ordered TWO amazon vouchers at the same time and have only received ONE. Years ago, when I first started dojng their surveys, I ordered a £5 voucher and I never, ever received it, despite months of emailing, and occasionally receiving replies promising it to me. As Anon said, it’s such a small amount of money it’s nothing to them, but we put in hours of work answering their surveys. Well, there are plenty of other survey sites that reward you, and you GET THEM!!

  4. Anonymous says :

    I requested three Amazon vouchers recently and have only received two. Will wait to see if the other one turns up but not holding my breath! I can’t find anywhere to e-mail Toluna though.

  5. Anonymous says :

    I exchanged 210,000 points for seven (7) £5 Amazon vouchers.
    I only received six (6) Amazon £5 vouchers.
    Seems like company poilcy to short change you.
    Emailed but no response yet.

  6. lilmissmup says :

    Ordered 2 vouchers and only got 1, waiting on the other, if not here next week will email again. I did email to chase them and got a reply and the voucher the same day.

    Just ordered another as need them for a birthday pressie, hope it arrives!

  7. Anonymous says :

    Received my missing £5 Amazon voucher email today. Thank you Toluna.

  8. Anonymous says :

    The situation with vouchers is pretty poor really when you consider that they are only e-vouchers. Its’s not as if Toluna hae to take delivery of physical vouchers and then post them to you, so there’s no real excuse for not dispatching vouchers very quickly. waited ages for my CDWOW vouchers in the past but then, CDWOW are absolutely crap, totally disorganised and inefficient, I would NEVER use them if I didn’t have a voucher.

  9. Anonymous says :

    I have to say that I love this article. thanks for this informational blog click here for detail of amazon products and amazon coupon

  10. Anonymous says :

    i dont know what to do now. do other members think i should carry on doing these surveys or not?

  11. Anonymous says :

    I ordered a £5 Amazon voucher a few days ago. I think I’ll wait til it has arrived before I fill in any more surveys.

    I don’t understand why delivery takes so long. When you order vouchers direct from Amazon, they are emailed to you instantly. I don’t have much money and am reliant on their arrival for gifts.

  12. Anonymous says :

    I ordered the amazon voucher also and have not recieved it. How long does it usually take?

  13. Anonymous says :

    i ordered my amazon vouchers (TWO OF) i hope they arive, it stated that my vouchers will be here in 3 – 4 weeks, so i hope it helps with the question of how long to takes for them to arrive.

  14. Anonymous says :

    I’ve ordered 3 over the past 4 weeks and havent had any record of them arriving. Whats the email address to chase them up?

  15. Anonymous says :

    i requested my 1 voucher i on my account it shows i have reccieved it but i have not x

  16. Anonymous says :

    i`ve also put my order in for a amazon voucher but not here yet but please can anyone help me in how to e-mail i cant find a e-mail us point anywhere help.

    please can anyone tell me where to find e-mail me page thanks very much for your time

  17. Anonymous says :

    You can contact ToLuna on this page:

    HTH !

  18. Anonymous says :

    Hi there thank very much for your help and link as were to send the e-mail.

    have just sent them a e-mail asking what the delay is with my voucher is,

    once again thanks

  19. Anonymous says :

    Just wondering why the 30,000 points amazon voucher has disappeared from the list. Need 60,000 minimum now to get £10 voucher

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