How to keep your name from appearing in your profile?

Several members have recently voiced their concern over the fact that a link to their Toluna profile, including their name, shows up on search engines.

Well it’s very easy and it’s up to you. Here’s what you need to do:
log in, then go to your account / personal info. Next to your first and last name you will find the option to not display on your public profile; select this option by clicking the checkboxes and click submit to update.
This will take effect immediately and your name will not appear in your profile anymore. However, please bear in mind that it may take some time before the search engines actually reflect the change.

The opposite is also true, if you chose to make your name public, the effect is immediate on Toluna but it may take some time before search engines pick up the change.

As a quick reminder on our privacy policy at Toluna:

  • We never, ever give or publish your email anywhere
  • Your answers to surveys are always anonymous
  • You decide what part of your profile you want to make public on The rest is never shown anywhere, ever!

Avner & the Toluna Team

16 responses to “How to keep your name from appearing in your profile?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    However if you used your real name in your e-mail address for the site then it makes no difference as that still appears on a search engine enquiry.

  2. Anonymous says :

    TOLUNA is the biggest source of spam I have found and should be blackbqalled for making the internet an unsafe place. Since joining months back with test email accounts which are not used else where, I now receive up to 20 spam emails per day because of TOLUNA and the way the profiles are set up. Having to remove your link is not acceptable you shoud have to opt into not out of.

    You have been warned the information has also been sent to the European commission about the same matter, who we run investigations for.

  3. Dpolls team says :

    I have to reply to that. Toluna cannot be a source of spam. Your email is never shown or given nor sold to any third party nor shown on the site even if you want it.

    The only info that could be public if you decide so is:
    your name
    your date of birth
    your country
    your gender.

    Email and address never leave our servers !!!

    Frank Smadja

  4. Anonymous says :

    There has to be an error in your statement Frank.

    When I joined Toluna I ticked the boxes as suggested. The only place where my surname is not ticked (as there is no option) is the e-mail address that I supplied.

    When I Google search my full name and Toluna top of the pile is my full name, my user name and a link to my Toluna profile – which does not reveal my surname. (Search “your name””Toluna” and see what I mean)

    Therefore something that Google have accessed on Toluna’s website gives them my surname as well as my user name and profile. The only thing that this can be is my e-mail address.

  5. Dpolls team says :

    Hello again,

    The only way for Google to access your email is if you use your email as your username.

    If anybody has problems with this,
    please contact me and I will look at your profile and info and see what we can do.

    Frank (contact me at my first name at

  6. Anonymous says :

    I feel like I’m labouring a point here, but Frank is not correct and has not answered the piont in the e-mail prior to his last one.

    Google search “your name””toluna” and your Toluna profile comes up even though “your name” is NOT on the profile.

    The ONLY conclusion from this is that Google are accessing parts of the Toluna website that contain your name.

  7. Dpolls team says :

    Hey, this is funny.
    We have tested this over and over and it is not the case.
    Now, if you want to email me I can help you see what is wrong with your account.

    My only explanation at this stage is that you had your settings as “public” for your name and Google did not update their index yet.

    And, I have to insist that your email will never show whatever your settings.



  8. Anonymous says :

    Google search “your name””toluna” and your Toluna profile comes up even though “your name” is NOT on the profile.

    Your e-mail address does not come up BUT your full registered name does appear on a Google search together with your Toluna profile, even though your full registered name does not appear on the Toluna profile.

    So where is Google getting that information from?

  9. Anonymous says :

    Okay i just googled my profile and my name came up with it.

  10. Anonymous says :

    have to admit i just googled and yes it did include my name and toluna id as the top result.

  11. Elle says :

    Can I just point out that until Google’s cache updates itself it will still have the link to your Toluna profile registered under any search for your name. It isn’t Google mysteriously hacking the site, it’s simple search mechanics.

  12. Anonymous says :

    Having thought about Elle’s comments for several days I’ve spotted what I think is a flaw in the argument.

    If I read Elle’s comment correctly what she’s saying is that by virtue of searching on your own name + Toluna the Google Search Engine will then automatically link the two until it updates itself.

    This I have no problem with.

    However it does not explain the FIRST Google enquiry when you search “your own name””Toluna” and it throws up your own profile but not your own name.

    So the question remains. How did Google know that your own name and your Toluna Profile were linked? Particularly when your own name has never been on your Toluna profile.

  13. Anonymous says :

    Well i do have a problem, someone can google my account name and get my name. I have made as much of my account privte as i can.
    Please can someone look into this!

  14. Anonymous says :

    I’m afraid he’s right..It IS the case, as I’ve just googled my name and it was the first listing to come up in Google..Not sure I’m particularly comfortable with that..

    However you could always just go into Your Account and click on Personal Information and uncheck everything you dont want on display..including your name I do believe..

  15. Anonymous says :

    I’ve actually closed my Toluna account because of the Google issue. My name etc was marked private for months and months and a random search one day revealed my real name for everyone to see. Any tom, dick and harry can now access toluna and read all my opinions and identify them as being me.

    The Google cache is NOT the issue. It’s the Toluna set up. Privacy is not a luxury, it is a basic right. Any information that is revealed to search engines should be opt-in. The opt-out that you have at the moment is ludicrous.

  16. Anonymous says :

    As a quick reminder on our privacy policy at Toluna:

    “We never, ever give or publish your email anywhere
    Your answers to surveys are always anonymous
    You decide what part of your profile you want to make public on The rest is never shown anywhere, ever!”

    Im afraid the statement above is not entirely true.
    How come my email address and user name are shown on Google and I have seen a huge surge in “Beloved Friend” emails from Nigeria as well as from companies selling Viagra and sex aids? is there any way I can be removed from Google?

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