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There have been many comments left on the blog recently which are in fact support requests from our members. As much as we would love to respond to these comments and solve our member’s problems, there is little we can do when a comment is left anonymously.

If you have a Blogger or Gmail account, we suggest you log in before posting your comment. Otherwise, if your comment is indeed a support request, we strongly recommend the use of our on-site contact form.

See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

5 responses to “Leaving comments on the blog”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I’ve just looked through the last five or six entries and I don’t see any Support Requests in there. All I see is responses to the original issue raised – in other words a legitimate thread.
    Is it possible for some clarification as to what exactly have been identified as Support Requests within the Blog.
    It also strikes me that if a user has a Support Request they should use the link at the end of the FAQ.

  2. Ross says :

    “Anonymous” said ‘I’ve just looked through the last five or six entries and I don’t see any Support Requests in there.’

    The “Points for opinions awarded” thread from March, which links from the Toluna home page, contains complaints about non-receipt of vouchers, demands that vouchers be sent out and even a threat of legal action.

    I think that’s a support issue rather than a simple blog comment!

  3. Alslad says :

    I think it is probably through frustration at very poor turnaround of support requests that users are turning to the blog to air their views. This is especially so when vouchers that can be emailed are taking so long to be sent

  4. Anonymous says :

    i definately loved this thank you for the post it was very informative

  5. RSharp says :

    I agree with alslad, it is because the vouchers take so long. I ordered £24 of Halfords vouchers on 15/5 and have heard nothing.

    There is no indication on the rewards section of my account as to when they will arrive and, most importantly of all, THE CONTACT FORM DOES NOT WORK!

    I have sent messages from the contact form about my vouchers 2 or 3 times and received “mail undelivered, return to sender” mails back.

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