Amazon and Sainsbury’s changing value

As you may have seen the special low exchange value for Sainsbury’s, Amazon and ChateauOnline vouchers has now ended.

We were pleased to introduce these partners at a low exchange value in order to let you benefit quickly from our newest offers. These rewards partners have been proven by you to be incredibly popular – so the decision has been taken – we’ll keep them! They are now returned to the same exchange level (60,000 points) as all our other partners so that there are no unfair preferences amongst our selection of partners.

Watch this space for news of coming partners in the next months.

See you on the site!
The Toluna Team

18 responses to “Amazon and Sainsbury’s changing value”

  1. Roger Dixon says :

    i am waiting on s ainsburys voucher that was due on 16/05/08. is it still gonna get here?

  2. Anonymous says :

    It’s very disappointing that I now have to wait until I have 60000 points before I can get my Amazon voucher – but I’m glad you have added them.

  3. caroldukest says :

    i also am waiting for one same as roger dixon, and i thin its very unfair to raise the sainsbury points need — it,ll take forever to get so many points, time to say, why bother !!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says :

    very, very unfair to raise the goal post- makes it time to say why bother

  5. Anonymous says :

    This is great 🙂 What people should know is that the value of the voucher has raised to £10, so no-one is losing out, it will just take a little longer to get a higher value voucher. Toluna need to be a bit faster in awarding points though.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Very disappointing. And I’m so close to 30000 points. Took me long enough to get to that amount!

  7. Roger Dixon says :

    Didn’t know about the £10 vouchers, thats fair enuff i spose, just want my fiver first tho!

  8. Anonymous says :

    i find this very disappointing to. just like some others it has taken me so long to get the points i have and now, i need to wait even longer.

  9. Anonymous says :

    This sucks, I am so close to 30,000 too! It takes ages to get enought points for a voucher so I was really pleased to see Amazon back and doing the £5 vouchers again, Its what made me start taking part in all the surveys I was sent again, I dont know if I can be bothered now if its oging to take me so long to get enough for a voucher

  10. says :

    i had just reached 30,000 through hard work and the next day went in to get a voucher and you changed it to 60,000, it’s going to take me a year to get up that high as i have never received voucher before.

    the new system is rubbish.

  11. Duttz says :

    Like Roger, I am waiting for a voucher due on 16/5/08 and have received nothing. Am I going to receive my voucher or be creditied back with the points – and WHEN?!?!

  12. Anonymous says :

    It takes long enough to get to 30000 points and I’ve now just found out that theres a 2 year limit on points which have been earned, beinging to wonder if its worth carrying on with Toluna.

  13. Anonymous says :

    Only just recently joined the site and i must say that the 60,000 points is quite high for a £10 voucher.
    Should be 30,000 for a £5 voucher some people i beleive will not bother.

  14. Anonymous says :

    so despite my working hard to get to 30000 points for my Sainsbury £5 voucher and ordering it on 13.5.08…BEFORE you moved the goalposts..does this mean it’s not going to get to me at all now and you’re holding out till I earn another 30000 which took forever??…this isn’t only unfair…it’s…geez..words fail me!!!

  15. John says :

    It takes so long to get to 30000 points and now you’ve raided the goal posts. It would take a year to get Amazon vouchers. I’m wondering if it is worth staying here.

  16. Lee says :

    Does Toluna read and take action on comments here I wonder?

  17. Anonymous says :

    that definately sucks. i’m also close to 30k.

  18. Anonymous says :

    tazzles3 said
    I cashed in my 30000 piont for an amazon voucher just before the goalpost changed and still have not received it. The pionts were taken from my account on 13/5/08 and since then heard nothing.
    Please help me get this sorted.

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