The new points system- debunking a few rumors

There has been a lot of speculation and there have been a lot of rumors floating around the blog and the site regarding the upcoming release of the new points system, so I thought I would provide a little information to help dispel some of these rumors.

There are two important clarifications I want to make regarding the new system. First of all, it is important to understand that the new system will replace the current system. This means that points will no longer be automatically awarded for opinions 80 words or longer.

The second issue I want to clarify is the use and weight of usefulness votes. There seems to be a misconception regarding negative usefulness votes; members seem to think that negative usefulness votes will negate the points awarded for opinions. As I have explained, the new system will be replacing the current one, so obviously this is not true. The new system will award members points for polls and opinion topics they create, based on their popularity, and for their opinions; usefulness votes will be one of the tools and metrics used to measure a member’s content, and will be factored in along with other parameters- in no way will they have the power to cancel an opinion.

As I mentioned previously on the blog, the new points system was created in order to address the many attempts to cheat by posting copied opinions or simply spamming the site. The idea was to create a new system which will award members more points for more actions, and also to give the Toluna Community the power to rate and measure the polls and opinions on the site- I can assure you that one (or more) “phantom usefulness voters” will have a negligible effect on the system and on points earned by other members.

I hope this clarifies things puts your concerns to rest.

See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

4 responses to “The new points system- debunking a few rumors”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I still think it’s bad because it seems to rely on people actually bothering to vote at all..but we’ll see.

  2. Anonymous says :

    only time will tell i hope its for the better for us every day users!

  3. Anonymous says :

    Unless everyone agrees with your notion of what makes a quality opinion, and remains consistent in their awarding of useful votes, this new system isn’t going to work too well. Also as someone else has mentioned already, some, perhaps many, do not vote at all!

  4. magnius says :

    I’m still not convinced, it seems to rely on people actually remembering to vote now, but lots of opinions go by without getting a single usefulness vote, be it negative or positive, or a star rating, so are these opinions going to miss out on points? No very fair if that is the case

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