Toluna downtime and site problems

Due to extended maintenance and server upgrades, and due to the launch of the all new Toluna France today, May 29th, there have been extended periods where the site was down since this morning; there have also been different problems on the site itself.

We apologize for the interruptions to service and would like to assure you that we are working around the clock to solve all of the problems as quickly and seamlessly as possible. However, it is possible that over the next 48 hours or so some of these problems may persist. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

12 responses to “Toluna downtime and site problems”

  1. JohnnyEars says :

    I’ve been doing the sponsored polls over the last few days and my points arn’t being added… is there a problem?

  2. Rooban says :

    I have not been receiving my survey points for sometime. Could you please check. Many thanks

  3. Anonymous says :

    I have been attempting to vote on the sponsored polls, but keep getting the message that the server is encountering problems. I have had to re-connect to the toluna site several times now, but it keeps crashing.

  4. Anonymous says :

    Im having the same problems as other with sponsored poll award points not being added. I guess it is linked to the upgrade of the system but as I dare say and others its annoying. Please fix asap.

  5. westondj says :

    Likewise, my sponsored poll points are not being added. Also I can see all the sponsored polls including those I have previously completed, despite having my settings to not show them. Is this all part ot the problems you ar having?

  6. sparkyrob says :

    Having the same issues re: points not being added, and now can’t even get to the site as it is down for maintenance again.

  7. Anonymous says :

    I’ve also been doing the sponsored polls over the last few days and my points aren’t being added to my Points Total – although they do appear on my points history list

  8. Anonymous says :

    Is anyone looking at the speed of the site? It seems to be more stable but it’s now taking an age to load up the pages. . . Can you please let us know if this is in scope to be fixed? I hope the upgrade went well and you didn’t have to back out.

  9. briskem says :

    Are we the only ones reading this?? come on Toluna we need answers WHERE ARE OUR POINTS ????

  10. Anonymous says :

    I am listed as testing a product. I have not tested it. It never arrived. When I try to e-mail you using the contact form it is rejected. What the hell is going on?

  11. Jame says :

    I haven’t been getting any points from my surveys will this be fixed?

  12. supereagle says :

    I’m a bit annoyed, just tried to complete the headphones survey and about three quarters of the way through it kept repeating the same question and wouldn’t let me finish the survey, wasting my time and I guess I won’t get points because of the technical glitch! less keen to keep doing the surveys now Toluna!

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