Sponsored polls and other site problems

As many of you have noticed, we are still dealing with a few serious server and site related issues. As a result, many of you have encountered problems when attempting to log in to Toluna or when attempting to post an opinion.

In addition, some of the sponsored polls have been reset; as a result they appear to our members as polls that have not yet been answered, but after voting on these polls members’ accounts were not credited with points. This is a technical glitch and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible; in the meantime we would like to assure you that these are not fake polls.

These issues should be resolved shortly; we apologize for these temporary problems and will do everything in our power to fix them as quickly as possible.

Once again, thanks for your patience and understanding.

See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

20 responses to “Sponsored polls and other site problems”

  1. caroldukest says :

    sorry, but i am not prepared to do anymore, on sunday 1st, i did approx 40 pages x 6 on 1 page, but my points never increased, so i,ll wait til i get my points backdated before i do anymore

  2. Anonymous says :

    I agree with caroldukest. I noticed this but didnt realise. I will not bo continuing with polls or opinions either until the problem has been resolved.

  3. ViolettaFairy says :

    I’m hoping that if we complete these surveys again (which is probably the easiest thing for the boffins at Toluna, and us, to do) we will be allowed to keep the points we earn; unlike last time there was a glitch!

  4. Rahul says :

    Hey i have no prolem as i can understand that you plp r trying ur best to give us a better expreince on ur site. But i have just a small problem of my survey points not been credited for over eight month old survey i have taken and also i have requested certain voucher form AMAZON (which was said that it will be emailed to me) but i have till date not recivied them.

    I would like someone to look into this after your site is ready to cater to what we need i.e fun and relax ourself

  5. angelratlady1 says :

    i also agree with carol. a lot of members spent a great deal of time participating in the sponsered polls last week, before they realised that the points were not being credited. if you had informed us all in the blog beforehand that this may have been a problem then we would have understood. I already emailed you regarding this as i spent a few hours going through all the sponsered polls before i realised that no points were being added. I hope you are going to award points to all that participated in the sponsered polls, regardless if members had already been credited for the points at an earlier date.

  6. Anonymous says :

    i hope all my points will be credited otherwise i have wasted a great deal of time, surely the software can count the amount of polls answered and see if it corresponds with the total points, mine certainly doesnt, and there were no repeated polls (or very few)

  7. violettafairy says :

    I’ve just been and counted up how many of those sponsored polls I’d completed (some of which were new) and I’d done 151 before I realised that my points weren’t being added – so that’s 2265 points….. also, some of my answers have now changed since I originally answered them, so they might as well be new polls. Please let us have our points – we worked very hard!

  8. flyfinn says :

    Yes I agree with carol many hours of wasted time here i did complete 20pages x 6 equals 120 x 15 = 1800 popints i would hope they are credite as it is surely the time taken that we get the credits for, and we have taken the time =

  9. Anonymous says :

    can anyone at toluna give us any idea when this might be solved to save us all wasting our time. it would have been nice to put a message on the poll page for those of us that didn’t see the blog and are now thoroughly disheartened having done loads of work for nothing.

  10. toppy85 says :

    How are we to remember which we did months ago and which are new ones not worth doing untill fixed are they seems like the new look test and vote bit off more than they could chew been loads of hiccups since

  11. Anonymous says :

    I am sure that under The Sale of Goods Act your site is not providing a service that is fit for purpose. Unless you are prepared to generously compensate members for their wasted time and effort I will consult Trading Standards re this!

  12. Anonymous says :

    Now I’m confused…
    I noticed the large number of sponsored polls that “appeared” after the site problems.
    I completed a few and checked my points – I was being credited with the polls points.
    Each subsequent day I’ve done a few more polls each time I’ve visited the site and they are being added to my points total each time.
    So I don’t appear to be having the same problem that Carol Dukest and others seem to be.
    Does this mean that the site still has many background problems and some people are getting the points and some not?
    I think Toluna need to give us more information about what is going on.

  13. j says :

    Despite Toluna’s promises in today’s post, the system has not been fixed. I just took some polls and was not credited any points. Also, why can I not leave comments on the newest Toluna post?

  14. misty says :

    I had noticed my points weren’t going up when I did the polls but it wasn’t obvious why. Does anyone else have a problem with receiving reward vouchers? I have requested 2 but neither have arrived. Is there anyone I can contact about this?

  15. Roger Dixon says :

    same, my points arent increasing, although the sponsored polls i have done do appear on my points list, they just dont increase the actual number of points. as for the surveys, ive seen no points for some weeks.

  16. graeme says :

    What is the point! LOL.
    I have been doing several surveys and sponsored polls and haven’t seen a point in months! Think I may save my time and give up as I must be owed over 30,000 point after all the surveys I’ve completed. If everyone stopped using the service then they would do somthing to help.

  17. Pierre says :

    Same here, I endorse Carol’s comments, I’m a new user and have spent a lot of time on the site… but points not increasing, will hold off now until I see some movement… I’ve also noticed some sponsored surveys where the survey itself doesn’t work, ie you get halfway through and the survey won’t accept your input, no error meg, can’t go backwards or forwards, have to abort… poor design & mgmt IMHO…

  18. kelly says :

    i am gutted about this my son was replying on me getting the halford voucher to go towards buying his dad a cd player for the car with the money he had saved up too and i should of had this amount of points added 2 times over if not three, i have spent hours answering sponsored polls and also hours doing surveys and it seems for nothing. very upset about this.

  19. Shaziy says :

    Is there an update on the sponsored polls and site problems. I would like to know if there a decision either way, and also when do you envisage the problems will be fixed – as this issue has not changed for a week! Reading the comments, I am asking the same questions in the hope of a reply.

  20. bettyugly says :

    what exactly is happening and why is it taking so long to be told anything? Even if things haven’t been fixed we should have been told something by now. My points haven’t increased in 3 weeks despite doing lots of sponsored polls which I didn’t realise were duplicates and also doing quite a few new surveys. Will we ever see any of these points or are we being ripped off?

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