New tutorial now online!

The old Quick Tour has been replaced by a brand new comprehensive tutorial with video! The new tutorial is a must for new Toluna members but is highly recommended for experienced members as well. The new tutorial covers, amongst other things, the following topics:

• Choosing between a poll and an Opinion Topic
• General content creation tips
• Poll and Opinion Topic guidelines
• Opinion writing guidelines- how to get more usefulness votes
• Guide to personal options and settings

You can access the tutorial by clicking here, or simply click the link located at the footer of

See you on the site,
Avner & the Toluna Team

2 responses to “New tutorial now online!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Good for you, guys! So many people think their website is easy to use – when usually it isn’t!!

    Mark Porter

  2. bigmamma3 says :

    if it makes this site better than it can only be for the good of the members ,great site when problems ironed out

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