Update on site problems

Over the past few weeks we have been dealing with several technical issues that have seriously affected site performance.

The biggest problem was caused by the appearance of duplicate sponsored polls; as a result they appear to our members as polls that have not yet been answered, but after voting on these polls members’ accounts were not credited with points. This issue has been fully resolved; we would like to thank you again for your patience, as we are well aware that this problem has caused our members a lot of grief.

If you still come across polls or opinion topics in French, you may need to reset your browser’s cookies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: after you reset your browser’s cookies you will be required to enter your username and password next time you visit Toluna; the same will apply to any other website that requires that you login.

If you use Firefox, here is what you need to do:

  1. From the “Tools” menu, select “Options”
  2. Go to the “Privacy” tab
  3. Click “Settings”, and make sure “Cookies” are selected in the “Clear private data menu”
  4. Click “Clear now”

If you use Internet Explorer 7, here are the steps:

  1. From the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”
  2. Select the “General” tab
  3. Click “Delete” in the “Browsing History” section
  4. Click “Delete Cookies”

If you use an older version if IE, you can read an explanation on deleting cookies here; if you’d like to learn more about internet cookies, click here.

Another problem that has been taken care of pertains to access to members’ public profiles; some of the profiles were inaccessible, and this problem has been resolved as well.

We’ve created an opinion topic which we have exported to the blog, which you can use as an additional method of communication with Toluna; please let us know if you encounter any additional problems. You can also post your opinion on this topic by clicking here.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

5 responses to “Update on site problems”

  1. kely hymas says :

    Ok so now the problem has been fixed will we not get the points that we are owed, i have lost count on the amount of surveys that i have answered and points not added at all, also the amount of sponsored polls that i have gone through, i should of had enough to get two halfords vouchers in total and only able to get one. I worked very hard to get the vouchers doing every survey taking my time and not to be rewarded with the full amount disappoints me and others are feeling the same too. Can we all have the correct amount of points added to our accounts please!!!

  2. daniel stringer says :

    i have done at 5 surveys but only one as ever been credited also i had not finished my interest surveys but now they have disappeared.

  3. Vera says :

    Lucky you kely hymas, I requested £20 in Sainsury,s vouchers on the 8th. May & have still not received them neither has Toluna answered any of the numerous e.mails I,ve sent them. I dont think I,ll be doing any more surveys for them. Its not worth the time and effort if they,re not going to pay out.

  4. kelly hymas says :

    i ordered my voucher a while back too and got nothing still waiting, i am not sure what is going on, i cant find an email address at all to get in touch with any one. i feel toluna has already prob lost a great deal of people like ourselves. i spent ages on surveys i took my time and expected to be rewarded for it too, Even my son who is under ten had to answer some of them too and he was so excited about getting something back in return. i have submitted many times in the test and vote area, Nothing came of that, not had points added for the many surveys have done. i am sure there must be someone reading these who can get back in touch with us about the issues and give us out points that we are dew fair and square, someone please? any one please? kelly hymas

  5. i.d. eonstar says :

    Why cant the points for a survey be awarded as soon as we’ve done the survey, like with other survey sites ?
    And why dont we get surveys worth 6000 or 10000 points anymore ? all we get now is 1150 or 1450 points.
    At that rate (and with the 6 to 8 weeks you have to wait for the points to be paid) it’ll take well over a year just to get one voucher !
    Ian (Toluna i.d. eonstar.)

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