Social Rewards explained

How does it work?

The idea behind the new Social Rewards points system is that members of the Toluna community are rewarded for the quality of their content, and the quality of the content is measured by the other members of the community. Think of it as a game, or a contest if you will; your goal is not to create more content than other members, but to create better content.

Simply put, this means that the more popular the content you create is, the more points you’ll earn! The new system isn’t about quantity, it’s all about quality, so don’t feel obligated to meet any quotas. In fact, one popular poll or opinion topic has the potential to earn more points than a batch of polls that receive no votes or topics that generate no opinions. So the important thing is to make sure that the polls and opinion topics you create, as well as the opinions you post, are likely to generate a great deal of interest and response. Be sure to read our content guidelines to learn how to improve your polls, topics and opinions.

Toluna points

Points are a form of virtual currency, awarded to Toluna members for various actions (such as participation in surveys) and for the content (polls, opinion topics and opinions) they create. When you sign up for Toluna, you will receive 500 points to welcome you to the site. Once you become an active member, there are many different ways for you to earn additional points. You can view your points balance on your dashboard at any time, or by selecting “Your points” from the “You” menu.

Points are awarded for the following:

  1. Popularity of polls created: Members are awarded points for votes on polls they created; the more votes your polls get, the more points you earn.
  2. Popularity of opinion topics created: Members are awarded points for opinions left on topics they created; the more opinions are posted on your topics, the more points you earn.
  3. Usefulness rating of opinions left: Members earn points for positive usefulness votes left on their opinions.

Whenever you earn points for your content you will be notified on your points’ page; here is a list of the actions and events that you will see:

  1. Content popularity bonus (polls)
  2. Content popularity bonus (opinion topics)
  3. Opinions’ usefulness bonus
  4. Level advancement bonus

Important notes:

The new points system does not affect the way you earn points for other activities, such as sponsored polls, personal interest surveys and regular surveys. Toluna is committed to distributing more points than before with the new system; the main difference is that the points will go to members who create the most interesting and popular content, instead of automatically awarding points to members who write more words.  And most importantly, with the new system the power to award points is given to the Toluna Community!

  • Under no circumstances are points deducted from your account!

What are levels?

All Toluna members are assigned a level, which reflects their popularity and the quality of the content they have created; you can view your current level on your dashboard. Here is the list of levels:

  1. New member
  2. Novice
  3. Intermediate
  4. Expert
  5. VIP

Advancing to the next level

Once a month Toluna will review the overall feedback each member receives from the Toluna community, and based on the results we’ll determine which members are eligible for advancement to the next level. When members advance they automatically receive bonus Toluna points and free prize draw tickets:



Prize draw tickets

New to Beginner



Beginner to Intermediate



Intermediate to Expert



Expert to VIP




Various content quality measures and parameters are taken into consideration during the level advancement selection process; in light of our past experience with members who attempted to cheat the system, and in order to minimize the risk of spam, we cannot make the specifics of the program public.

Expert and VIP benefits

  1. VIP members earn Toluna points for the content they create at an accelerated rate
  2. Actions such as usefulness votes carry more weight in determining members’ level when cast by Expert & VIP members
  3. Occasionally Toluna will launch special promotions for Expert and VIP members

Additional ways to earn Toluna points


Points awarded


Sign up


Awarded for completion of full registration

Invite a friend


Awarded if invited friend signs up

Online surveys

1,000 – 20,000

Depends on survey’s length

Personal interest surveys


A onetime 2,000 points bonus awarded upon completion of all surveys

Sponsored polls



See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

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4 responses to “Social Rewards explained”

  1. yowzeryowzer says :

    I am not interested in taking part in any contests on Toluna’s behalf..for me Toluna is just for fun,and the competition element won’t sit well with many members beside myself.
    As a high profile member,with almost 5,000 topics/opinions posted,and over 8.200 ”useful” ratings, I am at a loss why i have been rated a novice?

  2. dawndelyse says :

    I joined because of the survey invitations and it was by chance that I found the Opinions page. I found it fun to be able to voice my opinions freely and with impunity. However, if it becomes like a competition then those who do not have the ability to compose an articulate and well written response will lose out. At the moment, the fun of the site is the many diverse topics with a variety of responses ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Remove that facility by making it competitive, and you will end up with a handful of the same participants posting opinions thereby scaring off those who feel intimidated because of their lack of proper knowledge in the subject, their abilities to articulate and the struggle to keep up. Come on Moderator, don’t spoil your site! By all means rate the participants but what you have in mind is like being back at school.

  3. Postcard says :

    I have to agree with dawndelyse. I joined for the surveys although I’m frequently not required or chucked out part way. Perhaps I didn’t look closely enough on signing up to find all the other stuff and doubt if I’ll ever reach a stage where I have enough points!
    How do people add ratings for polls etc? That bit is not clear to me, yet now seems important if you want to build a points score.

  4. zeppellina says :


    I am missing points, and I notice that I am listed as a new member… novice would have been nicer.. but, I don`t mind really, we`ll get there in the end..

    Still like being a member of Toluna though ….!


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