The next step in Toluna’s evolution is here- Introducing video polls and opinions!

Welcome to the new Toluna UK Blog! If you who have been accessing the blog directly please update your bookmarks; the new blog’s address is

We have made some major changes and improvements to the site; here is an overview of what has changed:

  1. Social Rewards are now live!
  2. Add video and pictures to your content!
  3. Creating a poll or an opinion topic
  4. Improved poll results
  5. Browsing content on the site- where are the sponsored polls?

Social Rewards are finally here!

Click here for a detailed explanation of the new Social Rewards. There have also been several blog posts in the past few months about Social Rewards; the previous posts can be found here:

With the introduction of Social Rewards we have also created a system of member levels:

  1. New
  2. Novice (all current Toluna members will be assigned this level)
  3. Intermediate
  4. Expert
  5. VIP

Your current rank is displayed on your dashboard.

Add video and pictures to your content- directly from Google!

One of the biggest enhancements we’ve made is the ability to add video to a poll or an opinion topic; another important change is that you can now attach a video or a picture to the question and each of the possible answers. But perhaps the biggest improvement is the ability to search for videos and pictures from within the content creation page! Simply click the “add a video” or “add a picture” buttons and we’ll search Google and present you with a list of relevant videos or pictures.

Creating a poll or an opinion topic

We’ve made some changes to the site’s main navigation menu; the “Polls” and “Opinions” buttons have been replaced by the “Create” button. This will lead you to the new creation page, from which you can create both polls and topics. Whether you’ve decided to create a poll or an opinion topic, the first stages of the creation process are the same:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Add a picture or a video: you can attach an image or video to the question and to each of the possible answers (if you’re creating a poll)- just click the “add video” or “add a picture” button and you’ll be presented with a list of possible videos and pictures from Google!
  3. Choose an answer type (select poll or opinion topic)
  4. Add answers (for a poll) or your opinion (for an opinion topic)
  5. Select category, sub category and add tags
  6. Select language and poll/topic duration

Improved poll results

Another major improvement pertains to poll results and the way they are displayed. On the new poll page you’ll find the “Statistics” tab; click this tab to view detailed poll results. Using the Statistics Panel you can filter the poll results according to:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Country

Browsing content on the site- where are the sponsored polls?

In order to browse the polls and opinion topics on the site, as well as the various content categories, simply click the “Explore” button on the navigation menu. If you’re looking for the sponsored polls, click “Explore” and on the next page click “Sponsored”.

As you can see, we’ve made many changes, and there are more to come; we hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

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7 responses to “The next step in Toluna’s evolution is here- Introducing video polls and opinions!”

  1. Angela says :

    i think the new next step in toluna’s evolution on video polls and opinionsis excellent idea

  2. Francis J Callaghan says :

    A very 21st Century approach to opinion gathering – well done.

  3. cjjgreene says :

    the next step is here,keep me interested and i will continue to take part,on other polls and they don’t have this option.well done

  4. sue says :

    seems very intresting

  5. moi1944 says :

    At last we have entered the 21st Century – Well done.

  6. Jeanette Rogers says :

    Congratulations, someone had to lead the way, I`m pleased it was you!

  7. Barbara Pittendrigh says :

    New ideas are innovative and it is good to lead the way.

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