Missing points and other site glitches

As many of you have noticed, your points balance has been reset and so has your profile completion percentage. Please do not be alarmed, this is a temporary problem related to the latest release; we are working to fix it as soon as possible, and once this issue is resolved, your points’ balance will be restored in full.


You may also encounter problems when attempting to convert your points or when attempting to sign up for a product test; these problems should all be resolved shortly.


Thanks for your patience,

Avner & the Toluna Team

19 responses to “Missing points and other site glitches”

  1. dawndelyse says :

    What a very complicated site Toluna has become? Previously it was a joy to negotiate with a page that was easy to read, manipulate and get involved in. Now it is a minefield of frustration and very time consuming.

    I feel that you will be reading some adverse comments about your changes on other blog sites!

  2. yowzeryowzer says :

    Toluna messes up again eh..what a history of glitches ,mistakes,vouchers delayed,points disappearing etc..i am getting weary of it all! would be so nice for the members if it could all run smoothly – just once in a while..difficult to find my way round new site,it is too fussy and too busy!!!!!

  3. mazbeth says :

    I’m happy, my points have gone up….
    thanks for explaining things Toluna…
    I think it’s ok…it’s free, and it can be interesting.
    I like the variety of things on the site.

  4. Raldon says :

    I was a bit alarmed this morning – I’m so close to getting my first voucher too, I thought “the irony of it!” Thanks for explaining, Toluna.

  5. magnius says :

    Please PLEASE stop the older topics bumping up all the time, it makes it very hard to keep up with newer topics that people are posting.

  6. Claire says :

    I had just got used to the site after the last up date – don’t like the new front page at all, too busy, not easy to navigate, why change things so often?

  7. Faith says :

    I haven’t spent long on here today – too frustrating. Normally I come on and look for all the new topics and answer those that interest me and answer them and look to see what others have written. I can’t find the new topics now, and sometimes when I do answer a topic it won’t submit – and then I can’t find it again to rewrite it! And please, please can we get rid of the popularity contest. Adults don’t do telling people whether we like them or not – especially when we only know each other by what we have written. The changes are probably a good thing for me – i was a bit addicted to this site before – not any more.

  8. ffblue says :

    I used to really enjoy Toluna and have recommended many people, but the last few months have been VERY irritating. Missing points, missing vouchers, no replies to emails (and no decent explanation when they do reply)…yes, it is free to join & therefore free to leave…..but considering how good & stress-free they used to be, I have grown very frustrated with them. This site change has just added to my frustration.

  9. Zoearcher says :

    I loved Toluna before as it was so easy to use and to ensure you answered all the opinions you wanted to. You could easily see which were the new opinions and you could easily vote whether you thought they were useful or not. Now the site has become AWFUL. I dont understand it and dont know what Im doing . I may not use it anymore.

  10. Katherine Jones says :

    I dont mind about the points so long as the come back they haven’t cost me anything. But I ordered and e-voucher for HMV a month ago today and still haven’t received it. It said at the time to give 3 weeks which I did and then contacted toluna through the contact us form. This has been completely ignored. I hope I receive a SWIFT response to my contact attempt today.

    3 weeks for an e-voucher is a complete joke anyway.

  11. magnius says :

    I agree with the above complaint about the Customer Service on Toluna, it is a joke! I am lucky to ever get reply to queries sent. I love Toluna, but sometimes they treat members like crap. Sort out that customer service issue!

  12. Faith says :

    Well, I’ve written two opinions today and neither would load. And then I couldn’t find the same opinions to re-write them. For some reason I couldn’t access what other people had written either. Is that to prevent us awarding too many ‘useful’ votes. The popularity votes are horrible and I suspect are already being misused. In the past we’ve had people randomly voting people’s opinions as ‘not useful’ and now I think those same people are mis-using the popularity vote. I think most of us would be happy to dispense with the popularity and the not useful votes. Any chance of having it back to how it was before while the glitches get sorted out? And why are 6 month old topics appearing? I thought they were closed after a month. Apar from the fact that I’m finding the new site quite unusable, it looks quite good!

  13. krustybiker says :

    What has happened to Toluna? On top of all the other complaints (I agree with all of them) I have great difficulty posting comments and opinions. I have had to try up to SIX times to get an opinion through. Can this be addressed, before I finally give up? I post my reply, to be met with the egg timer, which then times out, and I’ve got to rewrite and resubmit!

  14. dawndelyse says :

    I could do with a response from Customer Care please. My log in information has been made null and void and I can no longer log in to post opinions since the changes on the site. I would also be grateful if someone could tell me when I may expect the 3 Nectar vouchers ordered 6 weeks ago.

  15. amanda king says :

    I have had points credited back to my account but am not sure if they are all there? When I scroll down my point history it seems to only be the 15 points for the mini polls – none of the surveys I have answered are showing on there (and they were on there before). Have i got the points but they’re just not broken down or am I still due some to be allocated??? Other than that it seems like a great site.

  16. Hyacinth60 says :

    I’m just losing the will to live now, I cannot get any responses to submit, it keeps saying ‘error on page’. What is the point of an opinion site where you cannot post opinions. I don’t need all this stress, and am considering leaving. I know you wanted to shake things up as it was too cosy, but this is ridiculous. I can see you’ve already lost some valuable members, but perhaps you are not too bothered. Let’s see.

  17. ROSEMARY says :

    The points seem to be a bit haywire at the moment. On the one hand I was promised an additional extra 2,000 if I updated all of my profiles. I spent half the afternoon doing this, got the 300 points per update but NOT the extra 2,000 points? There is an entry as if they were supposd to have been added however the points value given is zero? Why offer incentives and then not give them?

  18. magnius says :

    How about all of those “Poll Popularity” points that you seem to be denying people? Why have you stopped award members the points that they are entitled too? Have you realised that the new system is costing you too much money to keep in place? I wonder if you will even allow this comment onto the blog?

  19. John Birkill says :

    Interesting to see that this goes back to August … I write on the 22nd October and I STILL cannot even access my points balance to tell whether it has gone down, my profile is on MINUS 1% and I am apparently a new member (despite the fact that I was on Test & Vote before it even became “To Luna”.
    Very unimpressive people…

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