A Social Rewards clarification and updates on site glitches

Just a short post to update you on some of the glitches and also to clarify an issue which seems to have caused a great deal of concern:

  • 1. Missing points: most members’ points balance has been restored. If you are still missing some points, please be patient; they haven’t disappeared and should show up on your account shortly.
  • 2. Social Rewards level: some of our existing members have written to complain that they are ranked as New members instead of Novice. This is an error which will be corrected shortly. As was previously explained, all existing members start at the Novice level. If you have been assigned a higher to a higher level, this is an error as well and will soon be fixed.
  • 3. Member ratings: I want to stress once again that rating another member does not affect their Social Rewards level in any way, positive or negative. It is intended as just another way of providing feedback and showing your appreciation for other members.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

9 responses to “A Social Rewards clarification and updates on site glitches”

  1. Dee Saxton says :

    Will you post it on site when all accounts have been rectified as mine hasn’t yet.

    Thank you

  2. bev says :

    i have been waiting for 3 vouchers since february and keep being promised them……so far nothing. Can you tell me when i will get them?

  3. carl says :

    my points are still buggered up, my dashboard says one total my points page says a lesser total, will it be sorted soon, cheers

  4. Edd says :

    My opinions and polls have disappeared from your site, It shows 0 opinions and 0 polls

  5. magnius says :

    Mine are sorted now, hope everyone else’s are too 🙂

  6. carl says :

    sorted now, cheers

  7. Laura Fletcher says :

    I started using your site a while ago and whereas i seem to recieve all the points taken in the polls and interest surveys; i have not received any points on the questionnairs taken (showing a 0 on my point chanrt). i have waited for these to finish but not points have been updated. Also should i still be showing as a new users?

  8. magnius says :

    Wow!! I just got 60,000 points for opinions 🙂 I apologise for ever having doubted the new system!! I wish voucher delivery was a little faster, but as long as they arrive with plenty of time for Christmas then all is good 🙂

  9. John Birkill says :

    22nd October and I still can’t even check my balance, but my profile is on MINUS 1% so I guess my points are still caput too …. and I can’t even find a direct link to contact but have to whinge on in here in the hope that they might see this and do something about it…

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