Update on vouchers

Dear Members

After an increase in delays on gift voucher delivery during June and July, we are doing everything possible to return to usual delivery times of 4 weeks.

Today we have delivered all gift vouchers ordered until the 15th July 2008.  In the coming weeks we will catch up to all orders placed between the 15th July and the 15th August.

Please accept our apologies for these delays.

See you on the site,
The Toluna team

20 responses to “Update on vouchers”

  1. magnius says :

    Thanks for that 🙂 As long as I get it in time for Christmas I am happy.

  2. justin says :

    4 weeks for an e-voucher – ie sending an email – seems a long time to wait

  3. Phil Beynon says :

    Certain other sites just generate and give the gift certificate code for Amazon in the points listings as soon as you request them……….

  4. dawndelyse says :

    Looking forward to getting my vouchers but can someone from Customer Care email and tell me how to get onto the site. My log in details are being rejected!

  5. Russell says :

    Given I requested my voucher in May, told to wait 4 weeks until July and still no voucher and little or no response to emails I send regarding to the lack of voucher, I do hope it will be forthcoming.

    I agree that 4 weeks for an email voucher is a long time especially when I am told it was supposedly sent at the beginning of July and I never received it

  6. Mike says :

    I am extremely disappointed not to have recevied my vouchers even after 4 weeks.
    In this digital age of computers there is no way this should be problem and if it is then your system requires some sort of modification, update or whatever.

  7. Jamie says :

    Bit dissapointed seeing as other sites I get my voucher practically instantly. Hope I don’t have to wait much longer.

  8. Blondie212121 says :

    I think it’s completely unacceptable. It’s bad enough that Toluna consider 4wks minimum to be acceptable terms for their customers to receive basic rewards, never mind additional delays. How come other survey companies are able to send out reward vouchers within days yet Toluna can’t even do it in a month at best? We are Toluna’s customers, without us there would be no Toluna – so why do we get such an appalling level of customer service afforded to us? After all the money that is spent on advertising to build Toluna’s brand loyalty and to build user loyalty in the site, it is stunning to consider the negative impact that this would have on brand loyalty.

  9. magnius says :

    Just received my voucher that I ordered on 16th July 🙂 Thank you.

  10. erry says :

    I am also disgusted and disappointed on the level of service received for delivery of an online voucher. My voucher was ordered at the end of June. When asking if it was an online or paper voucher with customer services I was just given a date of the end of July, however they did not answer my original question. Once this date had passed I contacted customer services and was advised that they were awaiting a new batch of vouchers. This was on the 8th August and now I note from this blog dated 22 August that, “Today we have delivered all gift vouchers ordered until the 15th July 2008.” If this is the case where are my vouchers? I am deeply disappointed that not only do Toluna keep moving the goal posts with regards to delivery, they are also misleading members via the blog.

    Toluna quoted that all orders placed between 15th July and 15th August are now apparently being dealt with but what happens to the members that still have not received their vouchers from June?

    Are Toluna awaiting physical paper vouchers or are codes being emailed out? Either way waiting over 2 months to get your rewards is not acceptable. I have been patient through their internal problems, however now that I see that Toluna are advising more unsuspecting members that the issues are practically over I have felt compelled to mail customer services for a third time and add to this blog.

  11. mazbeth says :

    yes, I would be really grateful if it could be clarified whether it is paper vouchers that are sent to our home address, or e-mail vouchers [as I received e-mail vouchers within days last week from another organisation, for Amazon vouchers]

    As Amazon is an online ‘shop,’ and all it takes is the code, I hope they are sent by e-mail.


  12. Charles Bows says :

    I still haven’t recieved my HMV e-Tokens which date back to the 6th May 2008! Despite repeated efforts on my behalf your company seems to now be ignoring me completely.

    Can someone please come back to me about what I would consider to be an unacceptable delay!

  13. bev says :

    I can beat you Charles I ordered my vouchers in Februaury and still haven’t received them. When I queried it back in March I found out that my account had been closed without my knowledge as “I had been speeding surveys”. I didn’t have a clue what they were on about and complained. I was told that my account would be reinstated if I wanted. I have emailed on numerous occasions and have been told all sorts of reasons and new dates, none of which seem to be stuck to. I am also waiting for a £20 voucher for completing a series of surveys but can’t get an answer on this at all.

    What is going on? If Toluna can’t cope with the amount of vouchers being rewarded maybe they need to rethink……why should we not get what we’re entitled to??

  14. vasudevan says :

    my sainsbury voucher ordered in march still not received :(( .. will i get them??????
    i am missing lots of points too. the customer service is not responding even after so many mails. We r doing surveys.. all for nothing…or will toluna sort them out???

  15. psamuel says :

    waiting since early june for a 12£ hmv voucher, toluna have now even stopped responding to my request for an explanation, come on toluna whats going on.

  16. nottmsteve says :

    Having made this post on 22 August, I would have thought that nigh on 3 weeks later an update would/should have been posted.
    I’m waiting for HMV vouchers, which in the past have always been e-vouchers. Surely that’s just a button press to process?

  17. Charles Bows says :

    I simply want to know when I will be recieving my e-tokens for HMV! It’s not rocket science after all merely as nottmsteve says “Just a press of a button”.

    And as for poor old Bev I being kept waiting since February, I just don’t know what to say to her! I’m not even certain that this message will be through, since toluna seem to have control over what is written on this site! I notice that they haven’t posted my previous request nor have I yet received a satisfactory resolotion to my grievance!

  18. James Weir says :

    Being new to Toluna I find it strange that it takes so long to receive my e-token. I cashed in my point on the 22nd of July and it seem very strange that it can take this long to send something electronically.

  19. Charles Bows says :

    Am I beating my head against a brick wall? Only no-one has deemed it necessary to come back to me regarding my e-tokens for HMV, which was actually placed on the 6th May 2008!

    I would have that it common courtesy to replay to both myself and the others on this board who have yet to receive the tokens that we are entitled to!

  20. Mikey47 says :

    I am still waiting for my Amazon vouchers for 60,000 points ordered on 14th August.
    I have emailed numerous times, had lots of excuses but no vouchers.
    If Toluna people read this please get me my vouchers. See emails ref PID 95428-478 and EFX 95881-719

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