Listening to the community- an update on Social Rewards

We at Toluna are committed to listening to our members and trying to comply with their requests and suggestions when possible. In light of the many inquiries, complaints and suggestions we’ve recently received regarding points awarded for opinions and the importance and weight of usefulness votes, we’ve decided to make some changes to Social Rewards, changes which would take members’ opinions’ length into consideration as one of the factors which determine the number of points awarded.

We will make another announcement once the changes go live; in the meantime, please continue sending us your comments.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

5 responses to “Listening to the community- an update on Social Rewards”

  1. magnius says :

    Great 🙂 I certainly think that there should be a lower wording limit before points are awarded so as to encourage people to write more in depth opinions rather than just saying a couple of words. I would prefer it if 40 words was the lowest amount for qualification, with an increase in points for 60, 80, 100 etc. Less than 40 words should not qualify for any points at all, but that is of course just my opinion. 40 words is not much to ask, it is less than half of what I have written here.

  2. Shaziy says :

    I second what Magnius has said in respect to opinions of less than 40 words not receiving any points. If points are awarded on the basis of usefulness, I cannot see how an opinion can be stated in fewer words, unless it is the monosylabic yes or no. If this is then marked useful by people who agree with the opinion rather than whether it actually is useful or adds to the discussion we are likely to see an increase of people replying in one word answers and being rewarded for doing so. This will put people off from taking the time to actually stating an unpopular opinion.

  3. djsaltynuts says :

    While the amount of words in an opinion can be an pointer as to what deserves points, opinions of alot fewer words can also provide alot of insight, emotion and understanding.

    A idiot could post a 1000 words and it would still be the ramblings of an idiot.

    A great asset to any person is to be able to get over an opinion and understanding in as few a words as possible.

    although I agree that word count should be taken into effect when dishing out points, I’m also pointing out that it isnt the bee all and end all of what makes a good post

  4. ghostdog1 says :

    Never mind the social rewards, it would be bloody useful if I were able to post an opinion, of any length. Day after day I have attempted to post several opinions, innumerable times, all resulting in abject failure. The link that has been provided for members to give you information with regard to problems is also not operating, hence my comments here. Is this the new competitive Toluna, where many long term, and new, members are restricted in their access to the site?

    As to the social rewards system itself. If I could access the site on a regular, and consistent basis, I would have no problems whatsoever with the new system of awarding points. After all, as has been previously stated here, many informative, interesting and intelligent opinions can be posted without recourse to line upon line of verbal diarrhoea.

  5. dawndelyse says :

    I totally agree with Ghostdog – it is extremely frustrating to post opinions, press the submit button and the end result is a blank space. I have spent days and days trying to negotiate the site, find out hoe to do things and get a nil result. Why did you have to change a service that was simple and easy to use?

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