Trouble with topics and opinions?

We’ve received many complaints from members who have had a hard time creating topics or writing opinions. If you’ve encountered similar problems, please take the time to tell us about it by clicking here; this would greatly help us pinpoint and solve the problem. Thanks for your help!

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

5 responses to “Trouble with topics and opinions?”

  1. dawndelyse says :

    It would be helpful if your IT engineer could address the problem of why the submit button has no effect after an opinion has been posted. How do we scroll up and down to read previous opinions before posting a reply?

  2. dawndelyse says :

    I am experiencing further frustrations in posting an opinion. I type out the words, press the submit button and the text disappears to be replaced with a box that says “Please post a valid opinion”. I try three, four sometimes five times on one opinion and either the submit button doesnt register the words or it registers but the box is blank.

  3. Faith says :

    I usually have to submit an opinion several times before it ‘takes’. As Dawn says, the submit button often seems not to work. It’s very easy to submit a new topic though – this may be why most topics are getting very few replies and everybody seems to be madly raising new polls and topics. Constant trying to submit opinions and then checking to see if it’s gone through is time consuming and boring. In fact I was getting so fed up I was going to work to my next 60,000 points and then give up – except that I’ve had such a nice surprise the last couple of days with loads of points added. thank you.

  4. melanie says :

    I have been sitting here (once again) trying to post opinions for well over an hour without success. I have shut down my computer twice and all I get when pressing ‘submit’ is to get ‘error on page’ at the bottom of my screen. This is becoming infuriating……

  5. filey1959 says :

    I have spent many frustrating hours writing opinions which do not appear. The topics appears again and I write another-same problem. I’ve decided that if my opinions aren’t accepted or lost, it will be pointless carrying on. I take the view that all opinions matter, so why do I feel my contributions are considered worthless?

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