Misusing the new rewards system

There have been several attempts to take advantage of the new Social Rewards system by creating topics and polls for the sake of accumulating points, polls and topics that do not contain any real questions or opinions; these topics call for other members to blindly cast usefulness votes or enter void opinions.

The Social Rewards system was created in order to encourage creation of better content and in order to give the power to reward members to the other members of the community. Attempts to misuse or cheat the system will not be tolerated, and we will unfortunately be forced to delete any topic or poll which encourages this behavior.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

6 responses to “Misusing the new rewards system”

  1. Faith says :

    Hi Avner, I know what you mean – sort of, but we’ve always had lots of meaningless polls and topics, and it’s always been the meaningless ones that get loads of answers. On the whole people are much more likely to respond to something simple like ‘Do you like marmite’ than to a question that needs a well thought out opinion. Yes, there’s been some abuse, but I think that’s dying down already – and there’s an obvious loophole with the polls in that multiple choice questions get loads more votes. (Unfortunately it looks as if I’m too late to cash in on that one as I’ve finally got a poll to accrue more than 1000 votes!) I think maybe the 80 word opinion was a better way of doing things though I think some extra points for popular polls and topics is a good idea.

  2. dawndelyse says :

    This will never be an academic site and has much more appeal for many people as a place to ask questions on trivia and nonsense. I must disagree with you that the site was created to encourage better content. If that were the case then you should limit your membership to the alpha group of people and not have an open forum. For whatever reasons your management decided to change the rating system, it is obviously not working and I feel you have made the site competitive and taken the fun out of posting and answering opinions. Those who are not as articulate as others now lose out in getting any points. As a matter of interest, exactly what was wrong with the old system of points for 80 words or more?

  3. Graham says :

    Hi Anver,i know that we were accumulateing a lot of votes and there for we were getting a lot of points,it was going to happen and it had to happen otherwise there would of been no toluna,the amount of money you would of had to pay out would of been rediculous,i agree with faith and we should go back to the old system “80 word opinion”,but then we cant please everyone,regards graham

  4. Simon Gair says :

    Can’t people have fun with some of the polls and opinions? On a Saturday night with nothing much on the TV it is fun to come up with an area for discussion/comment that will not set the world alight but produce a wry smile. Where is the harm? I put forward the do you like Marmite Poll-I was genuinely interested but I now feel like the back of my leg has been slapped!

  5. zeppellina says :

    Personally, I think that the abuse is becoming worse, with lots of multiple choice questions on completely meaningless topics…

    I don`t have to mention any of them, there are so many now, like a growing epidemic.
    Yes, Faith is right, there will always be the “Do you like marmite” , or ” Do you think I`m pretty”, questions, but the current multiple choice free for all is just ridiculous.

    The previous system had its` merits.. the new system seems to be badly thought out, difficult for some to understand, and easy for others to abuse…

    Oh, on another matter, Toluna, could you please send me my Amazon vouchers … it has been quite a while since I redeemed my points.

    Many thanks, Toluna..Zep

  6. Sianey says :

    I can understand the want to encourage people to take more time asking more interesting and thought provoking questions, but as people are primarily here to ask and give their ‘own’ opinions you have to allow that there are those who are more light hearted in their approach to the site and how they make use of it.

    I do think that as many find they are unable to post opinions or respond to them, they loose the enthusiasm to be too wordy with their opinions.

    Some just want to have a little bit of fun communicating with others, they are still expressing their opinions, they are just not submitting a Thesis on any subject matter. Different strokes for different folks and so on and so forth.

    I have to say that I have noticed that some of the blandest questions asked and polls made, get the greater responses!

    I would like to choose which opionions I answer and which polls I vote on, and would also like my points and vouchers.

    Thank you. 🙂

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