Changes to Social Rewards

As we had previously posted, we have been paying close attention to the many comments and suggestions our members have made regarding Social Rewards. Here is an update on the forthcoming changes and the technical glitches:

  • Points for polls: these will be updated shortly.
  • Usefulness votes: will no longer be a factor and will no longer earn points for the opinion creating member.
  • Opinion length: will be factored in as one of the points earning parameters.

These are complex changes that will take some time to implement; we thank you for your comments and for your patience and will make an announcement once they go live.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

2 responses to “Changes to Social Rewards”

  1. Sue Cox says :

    Does this mean that points for opinions already posted (provided they are a reasonable length) will be backdated, as I have posted loads of opinions, many of which have been voted useful.

  2. Mike Speer says :

    I still have negative points after a week of waiting since your first blog.
    As an IT nerd I can only guess what presures you are under.
    How about a section on the index page that “some people are going to see problems on their accounts page, but when they try to redeem they are OK”?
    The blog is the last place I looked for an answer to this problem 🙂

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