Points balance discrepancies

Some members have recently noticed a discrepancy between their points balance as it is displayed on their dashboard and points page and the points balance displayed on the rewards partners’ page. In some cases, members have reported a negative points’ balance.

We would like to assure you that this is a technical error and that we are doing our best to resolve this issue as quickly as possible- it may take a few days, but all missing points will be restored; we apologize for the inconvenience.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

11 responses to “Points balance discrepancies”

  1. Angharad says :

    Yes I have noticed this, but when you go and request a voucher it does correct itself. Although I still have not had my voucher from 4th August despite my emails and no responce from Toluna. It states on blog that all vouchers up to 15th August have been sent.

    Please could somebody get back to me as to where my voucher is as I have applied for 4 more since then.

  2. ViolettaFairy says :

    I noticed this – and reported it. It would have been nice to have had the three messages I sent you regarding this and related issues acknowledged.

    In fact, my points balance was corrected on Friday, but on Saturday, the problem had returned (point balance different on Dashboard and main Points page – and showing negative balance)

    Please could somebody confirm they got my messages? (it’s good manners after all)

  3. suzzy3 says :

    Dear sir I seem to be missing some quite good polls that have lots of point which have not been awarded I am getting recent ones through but I have one in particular that is missing What would you expect to see in a hospital with 6963 votes and plenty more could you please look into it for me.yours faithfully susan holdstock or suzzy3.

  4. Vasudevan says :

    My account is also showing negative balance. please help to resolve it.

    Also I missing points for surveys done in march,may.. I have contacted the customer service. But haven’t got any reply. Have send missing points for 5 surveys. I have more to send. Please resolve the missing points so that i can get the rewards for spending my time in toluna…

  5. raychee says :

    I reckon I’m a few thousand points down… That’s 2 or 3 surveys and a few opinions. I’m trying really hard to earn rewards here… this doesn’t give me much faith in the system. Hope it’s sorted soon.

  6. Tracey Davies says :

    Yes my points balance on my dashboard is showing 53,000ish but when I click onto my points it shows only around 12,000. This has gone down since Friday even though more points have actually been added on. It appears they are taking points off rather than adding them on.

    I have also experience of many surveys I have completed that I have not had the points for. I am getting fed up of having to e-mail to complain about this and as some of you have already mentioned it is very rare to get a reply from Toluna even if you e-mail them several times.

    It is becoming annoying that I spend my time completing the surveys and don’t get the points for it and so am not being rewarded in any way.

    Come on Toluna, you need to sort this ASAP

  7. nita21 says :

    I have had the same problem, and am continuing to do so. This is not the firdt time, and i hope it will be sorted soon. I also have been having trouble with missing survey points. Please can this be rectified also.

  8. FriendlyLynn says :

    I have done several surveys but have as yet to see the points offered go on my account & there is a large gap between the points earned on various pages just like others on this website. The sad impression I get is that points that are sponsered get priority & the rest are to the moderators just unimportent.
    I should also point out that on here you have to work much harder to get vouchers than on other sites I use which makes me not eager to reccomend it to others.
    Also when you go to the time & trouble of answering peoples opinions you do not always find that your opinion is added.

  9. Phililypa says :

    I was awarded points for several surveys I completed which were then removed immediately from my points. Why is this and will they be returned as I am losing faith in the sysem. I will not be recommending this website to anyone if they do not reappear very shortly.

  10. dolluk says :

    well i have heard enuff, I think its time people on here took a stand and demand Toluna sort itself out, this is the WORST opinion/survey site ive ever come across!!

  11. BexiLexi says :

    I logged on this morning to find this has happened to me too. I think it should be sorted out. It’s nearly as bad as my internet connection providings!

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