Problems creating a poll or topic? Maybe not…


As many of you have no doubt noticed, there are many duplicate polls and opinion topics on the site. This happens because sometimes when members finish the poll or topic creation process and click “Submit” they receive an error message instead of being redirected to the completed poll / topic page. However, this does not necessarily mean that your poll or topic have not been created; it is highly recommended that you check before repeating the process. You can check by accessing your public profile or by selecting “Your polls” or “Your opinions” from the main navigation menu. Not only will this spare you the need to recreate your poll or topic, it will also make sure that you do not lose any votes or opinions as a result of other members voting or posting opinions on different copies of the same poll or topic. Remember, this can also have an impact on points you earn through Social Rewards.


We are doing our best to fix this problem as quickly as possible; it is important to understand that pinpointing and fixing problems of this nature on a website as large and complex as Toluna can take some time, and so we thank you for your understanding and patience.


See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

4 responses to “Problems creating a poll or topic? Maybe not…”

  1. Angharad says :

    Errors do not come up all the time, and it has happened that even though you have only clicked once it still double posts. I can not create any opinions and have been unable to do so for about 2 weeks have emailes you with no reply. When you try to reply to opinions they wont always stick. Again I have emailed several times with no reply. I am also still waiting for voucher from 4th August that you claim all vouchers till 15th August have been posted I have not received. Again I have emailed several times and left details on blog and not had any replies very bad manners.

  2. zizi501216 says :

    I have actually followed your instructions several times in the past but what I found is that there was sometimes a long delay before the opinion did appear in ‘your opinions’. So surely it would be a good idea to create a delete button only accessible by the creator of the topic to use ‘just in case’. Thanks Toluna!

  3. zeppellina says :

    I agree with zizi`s comment about the need for an “edit” or “delete” button for people posting. Sometimes it would be good to access topics to repair mis-spellings, as well as deleting duplicate postings.
    I also have the same problem as Angharad, in that I cannot get an opinion to post now for about 2 weeks. To be honest, I have given up trying, which is a shame, as there have been some really good topics where I would liked to have joined in the discussion.
    I know that there are a few people on Toluna with the same problem. I can understand that it must be difficult to repair these types of problems on a large and complex web site such as Toluna.
    Hope you get the problems fixed soon.. I would love to be able to start posting again.

  4. krustybiker says :

    When is the major current problem with Toluna going to be addressed? Time after time, I post an opinion/topic/reply, only to find that after pressing the submit button, nothing has happened and I have to re-enter everything I have just typed out.

    last night was the final straw, forty attempts to get a reply in. Have you got any idea how frustrating this is?

    Please, please, please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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