Points discrepancies and voucher orders


We are attempting to resolve the points discrepancy issue as quickly as possible; in the meantime we wanted to inform you that you can still go ahead and order vouchers or prize draw tickets provided you have enough points, even if the balance displayed on the reward partners page is lower than needed or different from the balance displayed on your dashboard.


We apologize for this inconvenience.


See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

65 responses to “Points discrepancies and voucher orders”

  1. Andy Thompson says :

    I converted 60,000 of my Toluna points for HMV vouchers on the 1st of September 2008. Up till now, i have not received the vouchers.
    What’s going on??
    I’ve never had to wait this long to receive vouchers.

  2. magnius says :

    It is getting ridiculous now, and many of us are sick of the endless excuses! I am waiting for 5 vouchers that were ordered over a month ago, please hurry up!

  3. Patricia Clarke says :

    Again i am writing to see whether there is a reasonable explanation as to why i have had to wait from the 23 July 2008 for my amazon voucher.

    I was told 2 weeks ago that I would have received it last week. It has not come and despite my contacting you by email to query it again, it still has not arrived neither has a response to my email.

    I think in light of the length of time and non bourne out promises, you should be offering compensation to me and others who are having to wait so long.

  4. andywest says :

    I have been waiting 6 weeks for my HMV vouchers and not a thing this is discusting they make you sit and do the surveys and then get nothing in return , COME ON TEST AND VOTE SORT YA ACT OUT

  5. Helen says :

    I’ve also been waiting weeks for my vouchers and Ive also sent several e-mails (None of which have been replied to!). At least now I know Im not the only one!!

  6. Graeme Hamilton says :

    3 months, 5 emails and only 2 replys from yourselfs saying that my HMV vouchers will be with me within the week and still nothing!!!! You have now stopped replying to my emails and even when you did it was the same generic email blaming your website. WHERE ARE THEY???? Im getting annoyed now.

  7. Gavin T says :

    I’ve also been waiting over 8 week now for my HMV voucher now, i really do hope this is sorted out soon.

    I’ve never had to wait so long for a voucher before ever 😦

  8. jmb76 says :

    I have been waiting for a CD WOW voucher since the 18th September, no feedback from Toluna despite e-mails and leaving messages on the blog. I am beginning to wonder if this site is a scam!

  9. Rose says :

    I also have been waiting for my HMV vouchers, you have us over a barrel if we don’t continue doing the surveys we won’t earn points and if we do them you are getting the information needed for free. The site states vouchers will be received within 3 weeks not as and when you feel like sending them out. This is supposed to be a loyalty site, why don’t you show us some loyalty!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Liz says :

    I ordered vouchers and waited a month for them to come before enquiring where they were and received an explanatory email and my vouchers within a week. They will come!

  11. Kerrie says :

    I’ve been waiting for over a month for my voucher now, and this is the second time in a row I’ve been given exactly the same excuse and had to wait. Toluna really need to sort this out, and the majority of the time I order a voucher this is happening.

    When I do get a response from Toluna I get a guarantee that my voucher will be sent within 4 weeks of being ordered, despite the fact its had already been over 4 weeks.

    I wish they’d be more honest about this.

  12. Mark Wagner says :

    Well, Toluna have managed to mess up my points balance yet again! Looking at other postings here, its good to know others are now getting annoyed with the way our accounts are being handled. There are other sites similar to Toluna who have accurate account details and reward their registered members with immediate e-vouchers. We spend hours filling in information to which Toluna benefit. It’s disapointing when we’re treated poorly in return. I’ve only been a member since earlier 2008 but I’m now beginning to wonder if it’s all worth the effort!

  13. Alison says :

    I claimed 3 HMV vouchers on 17th sept 08 but although i havent heard anything yet i think its still early days. when i have claimed in the past it has always taken several weeks but i have always got the vouchers. I am more concerned about my points balance showing a massive minus amount one day and then the correct in credit balance the next. I hope Toluna get it sorted out as they have promised. This site seems to have had endless problems since it changed which brings to mind the old saying ‘if it aint broke dont fix it’ lol.

  14. Paul Horton says :

    Just ordered my fifth ever voucher and getting worried now.
    The order has gone through but it is now showing my points balance at -1 and in points spent list it lists the item as Amazon 60,000 for the item name rather than just Amazon. Seems like theres some serious bugs at the moment and i get the feeling its going to effect my reward.
    Are you listening Toluna?, the other posts would make me assume not!

  15. john lewis says :

    I converted points for £20 of amazon vouchers in september , how long do i wait for them . please reply to me asap

  16. Ken says :

    Anybody fancy a “Class Action” in the County Courts? Toluna keep promising improvements and know that whilst waiting for your vouchers and or whilst you are owed substantial amounts in points, that you will not unsubscribe. If you do unsub, Toluna will enjoy your rewards as extra profit. It’s time Toluna was given a legal decision, by a Judge, on how and when and how much they have to pay. They claim a survey takes 20 minutes but it will take closer to one hour thus legally, Toluna should be paying the Legal Minimum Wage for that survey, around £5.35. They claim it is far shorter to avoid legislation. In addition, I am sure that the majority of British Judges would say that waiting three months or more, for what is owed, is totally unreasonable and that Toluna should pay all overdue payments immediately and in addition Toluna could be ordered to pay additional compensation and we could claim interest as per the County Courts Acts. Toluna were paid A large fee from a major US Corporation. Included in the fee was £75 for myself. The Corporation had promised £75, Toluna promised £75 but then Toluna decided to only credit £62.50 worth of points. They must think I am stupid and can’t do simple, basic maths. A class action is what Toluna need. Valued Opinions issue your Amazon vouchers as you order them. I regularly order vouchers and within minutes after, I have goods ordered from Amazon. Toluna make you wait for months for your vouchers.

  17. Al says :

    Wow, what a bunch of moaning Minnies! For me the vouchers arrive maybe up to six or seven weeks after I order them. Sure that’s a fair amount of time, but they ALWAYS arrive eventually and it’s a nice little treat to get a free DVD or something.

    Threatening to sue Toluna is just ridiculous! If you don’t like the company or don’t enjoy the surveys, then just cash in your points and F off. There are survey companies out there that only “reward” you with prize draw entries that you’re never likely to get anything back from, so Toluna is pretty generous in comparison.

    “They claim a survey takes 20 minutes but it will take closer to one hour thus legally, Toluna should be paying the Legal Minimum Wage for that survey”

    I’ve never had a 20 minute survey take anywhere near an hour, but perhaps I’m just a very decisive person who doesn’t take quite so long to formulate an opinion on motor insurance or movie trailers.

    If you’re so desperate for the vouchers for these surveys that you think they should pay minimum wage, perhaps you should consider an alternative source of income. As membership of this site is 100% voluntary I don’t even see why it should become a point of principle to get what you think should be a fair reward. If you don’t think the reward is fair compensation for your time, don’t start the survey. Simple. There are sites out there that send me invitations to 30 minute surveys in return for 10 pence; when that happens I delete the e-mail and do something better with my time.

    “Toluna promised £75 but then Toluna decided to only credit £62.50 worth of points. They must think I am stupid and can’t do simple, basic maths.”

    So are you counting the minimum possible value or the maximum? As the voucher values vary you should be more clear and show your working.

    Anyway, I hope all the bugs get ironed out of this site soon, but I’m sure there’s a crack team of pasty-faced, bespectacled virgins working on it even as I type.

  18. Rachel says :

    Totally agree with you Ken, i’ve been waiting 6 weeks for a voucher and it would appear that they’ve disabled contact…. I can’t send anything via the given form, it just tells me my name is invalid!!!

    The surveys nearly always take around twice as long, and the rewards are minimal. particularly when you’re waiting this long to receive them. Surely if every point where representative of even a penny we’d be owed £60 instead of a £10 voucher. or even half that would be £30. It’s ridiculous, i’m considering leaving toluna as soon as i’ve got this damn voucher.

  19. Kevin Morris says :

    Ken is quite right. (see his post, Oct 14th)

    I am a member of Valued Opinions.

    As soon as you reach £10 you can claim High Street gift vouchers through the post (which ALWAYS arrive in LESS than 28 days), or if you order Amazon vouchers they arrive within MINUTES of submitting the claim.

    I am also a member of brainjuicer.com. (Sign up – they credit you with £1 to start with, just for completing your details)

    Now get this!

    If you start a survey and screen out, you get 25p in your account.

    If you do the full survey, you receive £1.

    Sometimes the surveys are 5 minutes, other times 15 – 20 minutes. Regardless of the length, you get £1 if you complete it.

    You don’t wait forever to be credited either, the 25p or £1 is in your account WITHIN 24 hours of doing the survey.

    Occasionally they send a product out to test and you get even more. As soon as you reach £5, you can claim an Amazon voucher. (The only choice they give you is Amazon vouchers)

    Guess how long you have to wait?

    The last 3 times I claimed they arrived within 5 minutes.

    The longest I have ever had to wait in the past was 3 days!

    Come on Toluna! If others can do this, you have no excuse!

  20. joanne says :

    i ordered my sainsburys voucher on the 6th august and still have not received it as of today so it has now been 10 weeks

  21. Kate says :

    I think Al, that you missed the point, it may be voluntary, but these people are paid huge amounts of money for consumer opinions, and pass on paltry amounts for those opinions; pre internet days, the usual survey/opinion etc was done in a group setting, taking around 30 minutes – I personally took part in many of these, and was paid £20.00 PER session immediately it ended- this was 15 years ago, so if this were to happen NOW, then we would probably receive around £40….rather than 15 ‘points’ – no good at maths, but if 60,000 points is equal to £12.00 then 15 points must be pennies – and then you wait MONTHS for the final reward – which is not really a reward, just a VERY tiny proportion of the amount Toluna charge their clients…..they take out time and opinion, but are reluctant to pay either a going rate, or on time!
    I don’t bother with the 10p surveys, or the give us your opinion and be entered into a prize draw either, Globaltestmarket I find is the best – you get points that add up quickly and convert into MONEY- you redeem the points, and the cheque is with you within around 7 days – my point cheque paid for Christmas last year, and will pay for New Year in Paris this year – THATS how to do it Toluna!

  22. Stuart says :

    Blimey, i have only just joined here but reading what you guys have written i dont think i will hang around…hours of my time and an endless waite for a dvd voucher

    i think life is too short for this

    Thanks for banging up your comments…..your collective opinion speaks volumes

  23. GTMacc says :

    Anyone still waiting for vouchers beyond the stated times may want to consider putting in compaints on http://www.surveypolice.com/, not sure if it will help much though.

  24. kerry says :

    I agree with Ken and Rachel, I have had countless problems with Toluna. First I ordered a voucher which never came. After 4 chaser emails I eventually was told that I had received my voucher, however I keep all emails showing Amazon codes and I had never received it. I was advised that it had been cashed and so I racked it up to experience. I then noticed that I had negative points on my account. Hey I stuck with it that time as well. Now I am still waiting vouchers ordered in September. I too are seriously considering leaving Toluna. Every other survey site I belong too can process electronic vouchers in a matter of minutes. They give fair compensation as I usually earn £10 voucher each month completing a lot less surveys than I do on Toluna. With Toluna I average £10 every 3- 4 months. Get your act in gear Toluna otherwise we will all be talking with our feet.

  25. angela says :

    although i am suffering point discrepancies and missing survey points i have emailed toluna twice and received replies both times. i am still waiting for points to be added and getting quite fed up waiting but hopefully they will be added soon

  26. anita says :

    toluna. On the 19th september I ordered a HMV E- voucher. This is the second one ive ordered since i joined this site , and the second one Ive had to ask about. Plz could i have it soon?

  27. Matthew says :

    i have recieved an email saying that i should have recieved the hmv e-voucher within 4 weeks of sending off for it and i still have not got it, its becoming very annoying and i can see a lot of others are experiencing the same thing

  28. jmb76 says :

    Hurrah! I received my CD Wow! voucher, so I now know that this site is legit, so I will now carry on with this site and its surveys.

  29. M.SWAIN says :

    everything the same as all others waiting for sainsburys vouchers to come.why is toluna not listening.no reply to emails etc.very disheartening.

  30. dolluk says :

    oh gosh, i didnt expect this!! Im not waiting for anthing and expect Ill leave this site seeing as Toluna dont keep their word nor do they respond to questions etc… It really is bad press and there are warnings about sites like this…seems Toluna only care about what they get from you rather than try to keep people interested and loyal they ignore them and dont pay up!! Hmmm think Ill warn others I know who I was going to invite…I sure as hell wont now!!

  31. Roxanna says :

    I too am waiting for a HMV voucher that I requested a month ago. How long do these things take? This is the first reward I have requested, so where would I look for it?

  32. Laura says :

    I ordered my voucher a while ago. I would like to know how comes Amazon Vouchers take so long to come to me from Toluna. I recently have had amazon vouchers from other survey sites and have received them the same day. How come I can get them so quickly from other sites, but from you it takes weeks and weeks.

  33. Sianey says :

    Ken, I think you might have a point!

    I still haven’t received a single response to ANY of my queries about missing points. Not one single word.

    Al your comment hints very much at ‘ Pull the ladder up Jack I am OK’ Well YOU might be OK, but not everyone is, it’s seems most are not.

    Yes would be quite convenient for Toluna if people left without claiming what they are owed. I am now wondering if my comment will post. I wait for my vouchers and points owed and think I will leave.

    I would urge others to claim what is there’s before they do the same. I am thinking Ken’s idea is a good one.

  34. Gavin says :

    any received their vouchers yet? been waiting nearly 3 months and still not received.

    Emailed multiple times and was told on each occasion it would be on the way within the week.

  35. Al says :

    Sianey, I didn’t say people should leave without redeeming their points, quite the opposite. I can understand new users who’ve not redeemed a voucher from here before and are worried they won’t get what’s owed, but there are plenty of “oldbies” here who know how the site works and how long vouchers take to arrive and just seem to be raging because they have to go to the rewards page rather than the points page to get an accurate points total.

    It might seem to you that most users aren’t happy about waiting a couple more weeks for their vouchers, or the site being buggy, or whatever, but I just see a couple of dozen unhappy people and a few people who are understandably concerned because they’re new to this site and don’t want to have wasted their time. There are thousands of users here who a perfectly happy or just plain indifferent, but there’s also a very vocal minority of people who want to shout about being conned into doing boring surveys and threatening to sue because they’re so desperate for a £12 HMV voucher.

    I know I’m no different from any other user here and I know I always get what’s owed to me. It might take over a month for the vouchers to arrive, but I can’t say I’m that impatient as to care. Before Toluna decided to “upgrade” the site, I was informed vouchers would take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, it’s just a shame they didn’t carry on saying that, as it’s a more accurate time-frame than 3 to 4 weeks.

    I would urge any experienced users of this site who are so unhappy about the buggy points total that they want to sue, to redeem their points, leave the site and go ahead and waste their money and their time attempting to sue Toluna. In anticipation of your very expensive failure, I will by a celebratory cake and stuff my face in front a DVD I bought using the vouchers from this site.

    And for any people here who are waiting for their first voucher, don’t worry about it, it’ll come. Give it, say, eight weeks (a long time, I know, but be patient) and if it still hasn’t arrived, get in touch with Toluna. I’ve never had a problem before, though, and I don’t anticipate any problems in future.

    I’m just boggling at how a minor bug with the points balance has turned into a few people wanting a class action law suit…

  36. toppy85 says :

    states on my account voucher delivery 22/10/2008 thats been and gone havnt been on here for ages due to slow points gain and vouchers taking forever seems like its just as bad as before shame i do like the site and many of the members who seem to have given up as well be grewat if all this was sorted i havnt even had a survey i over 6 months trying to use up points and call it a day

  37. melantha says :

    i ordered £12 worth of vouchers in august an have still not recieved them

  38. meandyou1 says :

    i am waiting for a hmv voucher and from is point on untill i get the voucher i am not wasting my time on this site as lightspeed pay well fast and on time . ( and more ) and as for submit comment i have no more time as im now of to lightspeed .

  39. Fig Face says :

    I got my amazon voucher today. Took about a month but at least they got here. Thx toluna.


  40. Rosie says :

    I ordered my cdwow evouchers only 24th Oct and not yet received them; not sure how long they should take but surely, if they are evouchers they can be emailed? There is never a problem in sending me surveys to spend time completing, so why the delay?
    I am very disappointed.

  41. maria says :

    I ordered mine, on the 19/9 and yet to get my vouchers, I did it then so they would be ready for xmas. My mother recieved hers after a few weeks, Back a month ago. So some people do get them. But others dont. Maybe it should be a case for “WATCHDOG” on bbc1/ Maybe they couls get some answers from these people.

  42. yvonne says :

    still waiting after over a month. I ordered these for christmas at this rate I will be lucky to see them for next christmas

  43. Phililypa says :

    Since complaining all my points have been removed and my profile is apparently -1% complete. How can it be in negative figures? This is obvious some sort of fault and I wonder if anyone has experienced this. Please sort this out immediately – becuase if this is the way the site responds to my complaint I will be making sure lots of other users know about it.

  44. kerry says :

    Well done Toluna, you’ve done it again. Not only have I still not received my Amazon Voucher 6 weeks after ordering it, I now have lost all my points and my profile is at 0%. When are you going to get these problems sorted out. We diligently do your surveys and we either don’t get our rewards in a timely basis or we loose all our points all together. Get your act together Toluna.

  45. Simon Gair says :

    Hi All,

    4th October Toluna posted that there were difficulties with points on dashboard and points on the total and that all was being done to resolve it.

    Nearly 4 weeks later I have 130,000 points on dashboard and 70,000 on total and today no points at all.

    Are you up to the job of resolving these issues or are you just treading water – hoping the problem will go away?

    I think Toluna members deserve better.

    Simon Gair

  46. Al says :

    Really? No-one reads the other comments before complaining?

    All your points are there people! Your profile surveys are still complete! The site might be screwy but the database still has your points, GO TO THE REWARDS PAGE FOR AN ACCURATE POINTS TOTAL!

    I do hope the site is fixed after the downtime, but I wish the people who moderate these comments would post something to explain what’s happening and answer the complaints properly.

  47. katrina ross says :

    I converted 60,000 of my Toluna points for HMV vouchers on the 13th of october 2008. Up till now, i have not received the vouchers.
    What’s going on??
    I’ve never had to wait this long to receive vouchers.

  48. ali says :

    i claimed my 3 HMV vouchers in mid september and received my ecodes on 31st october so about 6 weeks in total which is how long i have had to wait in the past so no delay as far as i am concerned and i have spent them already lol. So for those of you that are moaning after 1 or 2 weeks just be patient.

  49. Freebieb says :

    Cheers Toluna have just received my 2nd lot of Halfords Vouchers that I ordered to put towards a bike for my little boy’s Christmas. It all seems to work fine to me. Am fairly new to this site so am suprised to see how hot and bothered some get over delivery times. This is all just a little bit of fun and entertainment surely it doesn’t matter if things take a little longer does it?

  50. gavin says :

    Any had any luck with getting HMV vouchers?

    still waiting for mine since 14/08/2008 and contacting toluna results in no reply 😦

  51. Scott says :

    I ordered HMV e-voucher on 17th Sept. Still not recieved over 8 weeks later…..I contact Toluna and email just says it will take 4-6 weeks to receive from date of order even though that timescale has passed…..

  52. Linda Brownhill says :

    I ordered 3 amazon vouchers on the 30th August 2008 and the due delivery date was to be l6th October 2008 but they never arrived. I was told that there had been a delay but they had now caught up to the 30th August 2008 and that mine would be in the next batch. They still have not arrived and I am very disappointed to say the least

  53. Jenny Anderson says :

    I ordered an HMV voucher on 24/07/08 which never arrived. After emailing a few times and being given the standard reply that it would be with me soon, I sent a more strongly worded email (nothing rude, just stating how annoyed I was at the lack of customer service) and my reply was that my account had now been cancelled due to me “speeding” through the surveys. If this really was the case why didn’t Toluna just state this after my first email. I feel they are using this as an excuse as they are struggling to fulfil their commitments.

  54. Scott says :

    Update on my situ: OrderedHMV e-voucher on 17th Sept. Still not recieved 9 weeks later…..I contact Toluna and emails did orginally just says it will take 4-6 weeks to receive from date of order even though that timescale had passed…..Last email received yesterday says all orders placed up to 16th Oct have now been issued and if Ive not received it to let them know?! That is what I have been doing!!

  55. gavin says :

    I am in the same boat Scott execept i NEVER get replies to my sent emails anymore.

    Going off the blog all payments should have been sent as of end of AUG, ordered mine mid AUG and still not recieved.

    All i ask is for Toluna to at least update us on the situation, its not just the odd person having problems, theres alot of us!

  56. Kerrie says :

    This is my first time for purchasing vouchers on here as i saved up my points so i could use the spa vouchers for my hen weekend beg January. Unfortunately I ordered these 4 months ago and have not received any replies to my emails on this either. I don’t care what people say i think this is unexceptable. I have now stopped doing surveys as i don’t see the point of wasting my time if not getting rewarded and once (or if I ever) recieve my vouchers then i will close my account.

  57. kerry says :

    What a surprise, went on the site this morning to find I had just over 3000 points. Yesterday I had approx 51000. Well done Toluna, you’ve done it again.

  58. Linda says :

    I also have a Sainsburys voucher missing from July and have had no joy after contacting by email. I have another voucher ordered for Halfords but no delivery date allocated yet. Please toluna sort this out for everyone. It is coming up to xmas and I’m sure a lot of people were expecting to have the vouchers to put towards the cost of buying xmas gifts. With the current tight financial situation rthis is so disappointing for your members. I for one would not moan about waiting up to six weeks like ali but waiting longer is a problem. 4 months is a bit too long for anyone!

  59. joanne says :

    urgent urgent urgent if anybody from toluna reads this i have been waiting for my 1st voucher that was ordered on the 6th august and as of 27 november i still havent received it ,have emailed many times but no replys can somebody please get back to me asap as i would really like my sainsburys voucher for christmas

  60. Linda B says :

    I have still not received my £30 worth of Amazon vouchers ordered on the 30th August 2008 the due date was shown as 16th October 2008 but they have still not arrived and we are now in December. I have written a second email, but have as yet received no reply I had saved these up towards presents for my grandchildren and I cannot believe they have not arrived. Is there anything we can do to get an answer for everyone else in the same boat and there seems to be many of us, I am so disappointed

  61. Scott says :

    Update on my situ: Ordered HMV e-voucher on 17th Sept. After many emails to Toluna the evoucher has now arrived (4th Dec)!!!

  62. Jenny Kavanagh says :

    Would someone from Toluna please tell us what the current waiting time is for vouchers? It would be helpful as clearly the ‘normal expected delivery’ timing is still way off the mark and we are feeling used and abused. Many thanks.

  63. Ed says :

    Hi All,
    Just to add another name to the list.
    I ordered amazon.co.uk vouchers on 1st November. I waited 3 weeks for them to come before enquiring where they were and I also received an explanatory email saying sorry for the delay but my vouchers would now arrive within a week…I am still waiting!

    Really people…how long does it actually take to email a voucher code?

    It will soon be Christmas!

  64. Ed says :

    Hi All,
    Just a quick note to let you all know that I recieved my amazon.co.uk voucher today. Hopefully this means things are running smoothly now and you will all get yours soon if you haven’t already.
    This is my first voucher and I am now very happy that all my effort has paid off.

    Thank you Toluna,

    Kind regards,

  65. Linda B says :

    I would like to thank Toluna for the receipt of my electronic vouchers for Amazon. I did have to wait a long time but i am writing this, to let other people know that they do eventually arrive.

    Many thanks

    Linda B

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