Social Rewards reform

Dear members,
Following an excessive amount of abuse by certain members, we regret to inform you of the suspension of the Social reward Programme.
We are very sorry.
We are currently working on improving this feature, to put an end to any attempts of abuse and which will allow members to follow the rules properly          
We would like to thank you for your understanding
See you soon on the Site
Avner & the Toluna Team

19 responses to “Social Rewards reform”

  1. Harrykeogh says :

    Why not punish those that have been abusing the system rather than everyone……talk about a hammer to crack a nut!!

  2. MariaCornelia says :

    Thank you Toluna. Perhaps when you have finished your reforms of the Social Rewards system, you will clarify for all members EXACTLY what the rules are. I would have thought it better personally to have suspended the accounts of the serial abusers rather than the whole system. I know you have an enormous membership, but surely the abusers would stand out if you started looking at those accounts racking up enormous points totals in a very short time? The site has been tremendously frustrating at times in recent months – trying to get valid opinions to ‘stick’, eventually giving up sometimes, seeing your points coming and going, not receiving the 100 points per opinion of 80+ words. I don’t give opinions full of ‘filler’ I genuinely try to give an honest answer to the question, or if it’s me thats posing the question, it’s something to which I’d honestly like answers from the other members.
    So please Toluna, get your act together, sort out the problems, and let us your members, get back to enjoying what’s best about the site.

    I’d also appreciate you finally sorting out the validation of my new email address which has been a problem now for at least a couple of months and has still not been dealt with.

    Thank you M

  3. mrsdinozzo says :

    I’ve not got long to go until I reach the 60,000 mark…and this latest announcement leaves me wondering if it’s actually worth bothering with this site anymore!!!! I’ll think about it…I’ve thought about it….and see this as yet ANOTHER excuse to delay/never send vouchers anyway!!!! as of now, I’m cancelling my account!!!!

  4. Al says :

    “I’ll think about it…I’ve thought about it….and see this as yet ANOTHER excuse to delay/never send vouchers anyway!!!!”

    I’m sorry but failing to see what this announcement has to do with vouchers. I, for one, am pleased Toluna are trying to put a stop to ridiculous polls like “what kind of footwear have you heard of?”. I really don’t see why people should be rewarded for useless rubbish like that, but then I also don’t see why thousands of people vote on them.

  5. Pauline says :

    it seems to me that ToLuna are going under! First I wait and wait and wait and am still waiting for my vouchers, and now this!!! I am beginning to wonder if I will EVER get my vouchers after earning them!

  6. suzzy3 says :

    Why on earth don’t you tell us exactly what this abuse is ,maybe I am doing it but don’t realise what it is.Explain what it is we are not kids we will understand and stop doing it what ever it is.I think it is totally unfair to us honest Tolunas ,I cannot help getting useful votes I don’t ask for them they are given to me by others because they like my comments so why should I and people like me suffer.You won’t have many established people left if you don’t explain and you won’t have a site to run and then what will your advertisers think .We have no idea what we have done wrong and unless you inform we still don’t know what is going on.from SUZZY3 supposed to be a VIP what exactly does that mean?

  7. Shaziy says :

    Can you tell us the shape of this abuse, what action has been taken against the individual members and what the current reward structure is?

    The blog provides limited information, which is not very helpful for members who have contributed their time and efforts.

    I would appreciate an answer to the questions raised, as I believe it will help me as a member better understand what contribution I should and should not make and what if any of my contributions will be rewarded.


  8. beth_free_products says :

    Can you please put a very clear message on the blog saying exactly what actions points are being awarded for at this moment in time? I am quite new and am totally confused. I know that there was an old system (which I am not aquainted with) and a new social rewards system and then a new idea to give points for 80 word opinions and then some of this was suspended. I am confused and NONE OF IT IS CLEAR. If I post any opinions asking for more established members to explain – they say look at the blog. Please can you just spell it out for us. Thanks.

  9. Lisa says :

    Any chance that we could rewarded for our opinions being that we have put our time in with good faith and its been over 5 weeks since you last paid us for our opinions, especially as opinions weren’t changed with the social rewards points new system.

    I think that at the very least you need to try and do something to keep us on board as at present all it seems to be is Toluna punishing all members and withholding genuinely earned rewards while making us perservere with a faulty site that is constantly issuing error messages etc.

    Where is the benefit to the member in being a member at present?


  10. jparrock says :

    This is ridiculous!! Maybe they wouldnt get the abuse if they had any decency and replied to emails sent. If we was kept upto date of when to expect delivery this would never had happened. Am now starting to think that other people was right in cancelling their account, just seems like a complete waste of eveyones time. It shouldnt take upto 8 weeks to just receive an email code anyway!!

  11. Mr R o bbedofVouchers says :

    After wasting time carefully answering your surveys and earning points all you decide to do when some few abuse your points system is shut the whole thing down. Who made that final decision ? because its just severely damaged the reputation of this website and unless existing points are compensated then it will be the last damn survey I do for you!!!

  12. Shaziy says :

    I am reposting my comment, as the comment I posted on the 16th is still being moderated?!?!

    Can you tell us the shape of this abuse, what action has been taken against the individual members and what the current reward structure is?

    The blog provides limited information, which is not very helpful for members who have contributed their time and efforts.

    I would appreciate an answer to the questions raised, as I believe it will help me as a member better understand what contribution I should and should not make and what if any of my contributions will be rewarded.


  13. dolluk says :

    yup I agree, Toluna your creditbility is going down hill..word of mouth is getting around and I doubt you’ll keep people interested by punishing them for others vulgarity, totally unfair and just plain ignorant!!

  14. Cheryl Hayes says :

    This is not good enough!!! Firstly, I complete my amended profile last month with a promise of 2000 bonus points if I complete all. Then I am told that the bonus points were not available after May!!!!! Bloody con. Then I order my Amazon vouchers on 1 Oct only to find this bit of info!!! Not received them yet, so will I ever receive them? Bearing in mind that research companies will be paying Toluna for their info, seems that they are on a winner!!!!

  15. craig says :

    maybe it would help if you post on the blog what it is that members have supposed to be doing, and then give the members the right to reply to these accusations, all i know is every single time i order a voucher it takes 3wks longer than you claim it will in your own terms and conditions, if this is also the case for everyone else of course your going to get people writing in and complaining, heck they are YOUR OWN terms and conditions after all, no doubt like me other members also use other sites and they never seem to have such great deleys in sending out voucher codes, infact most of them are instant or within a week, regaurdless of anything else people are giving up there time to fill out these surveys you send, they are gettin longer for lower points, the rewards page in our profiles are totally messed up, you take forever sending out vouchers and then moan and cancel the system when people complain that you yourselfs are not living up to your own terms and conditions and to me thats bang out of order on your part!
    when i write in i am polite, but i do have to state that its getting annoying having to chase up vouchers and then to top it off you find out you have to chase your complaint up too, yes lots of people are writing in to complain and moan, now ask yourself why everyones complaining, could that not be your own doing toluna, now lets all sit here and wait and see how long it takes them to respond to any of the posts on this blog – place ur bets peeps

  16. scuffsy says :

    Repost of original from Oct 14th because still says awaiting moderation.

    Dear Toluna,

    this is perhaps not quite quite the update that we were all hoping for. It would be very helpful to all concerned if you:

    a) told us what the rules were
    b) told us what abuse of the system constitutes
    c) assured us that any points legitimately owed to us are still under consideration
    d) gave us a timeline for award of backdated awards

    We are all working in the dark here, many of us without points awards for 6 weeks or so, which, added to the many glitches on the site at present, are making for a rather unfulfilling Toluna experience.

    Thank you in advance for your help,

  17. magnius says :

    Will this, my third attempt at getting a comment moderated, be posted? Sadly I think we are seeing the final days of a once great site. Many members warned that the new system of points was a joke, but you didn’t listen and look where it got you. I am still waiting for points owed and a couple of vouchers, once I have received them I will be canceling my membership.

  18. Dranzer Lehnsherr says :

    I think it is appalling the way this site has started to operate. Surely you should have done as already mentioned and dealt with the offenders instead of taking the whole system out. It is completely illogical to punish everyone because of what a few people did. All you are going to succeed in doing is driving away all the members and if you would look at the opinions being posted you will see that you have done just that. The site needs the members to work and to keep the members the management need to lay out exactly what is expected of the members and what they can expect of the management in turn. Stop treating us as if we are worthless and should not be kept in the loop and start to trust us and treat us with some level of respect. We deserve it for putting up with all the blasted glitches that have plagued the site since the first reform.

    Thanks for your time.


  19. anita says :

    how many people are you going to have to lose Toluna, before you start taking the concerns of your members seriously. We understand that sometimes a new system can bring problems, and that sometimes they can be slow to solve. But to be Ignored, Treated with dis-respect. And generally used as free labour while we all know the companies using your site are still paying you for OUR opinions is bordering on stupidity beyond belief.
    Non of my points have come from social rewards. They have all come from answering poles, and surveys. So why am I having to ask for news on yet another late E- voucher. I am relying on what little extra I earn to top up my xmas budget. And this constant inconsistancy from you is angering a lot of us.
    Are you going to give us an answer to our concerns or not. Because from what I can see one day you are going to wake up , and find you have no busness left. just one big empty hole where loyal members USED to be.
    Show us toluna that you have some decency left, and answer our concernes., before theres no one left to ask them.

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