Earn 15-150 points with new sponsored polls on Toluna!


There’s a new way to earn more points on Toluna; the new and improved sponsored polls!

You can now earn 15-150 points for your participation in sponsored polls, which can consist of more than one question- and you will receive all of the points even if you are screened out before answering them all!

The new polls can be found on the upper right corner of the homepage, or by selecting “Sponsored” from the “Explore” menu. Enjoy!


See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

9 responses to “Earn 15-150 points with new sponsored polls on Toluna!”

  1. magnius says :

    Wow, something good finally comes from Toluna. If we can get points for our opinions as well that would be peachy.

  2. scuffsy says :

    This is a nice move, thank you! I took the news over to Toluna earlier to cheer people up.

    If you would like to publicly address the issue of what happens about points we, in good faith, *thought* we earned between Sept 2nd and now, in the absence of a formal notice telling us that there were no points to be awarded for 80 word opinions ever again (suspension does not equal termination), make some retroactive recompense to folk, bring all your FAQ and Tutorial info in line with the new system rules, and perhaps even tell us how things are going to work (???) then I for one, would be a happy bunny.
    I am not asking for secret algorithms to be disclosed, I just want to know some basics like whether:
    1) points will ever be awarded for polls? I don’t mind what the answer is, I just want to know one way or the other
    2) if points will ever be awarded for opinion *replies* (otherwise what is people’s incentive for answering those of others???) And if not how will you persuade people to answer each others’?


  3. swimfish says :

    thank you very much Toluna, my points were already mounting up quick quickly as I have been lucky enough to take part in quite a few surveys since I joined last month, this was a lovely surprise this morning, thanks very much – a terrific idea!

  4. glk1984 says :

    Appears my first reply has not passed moderation. I was only quoting former blog posts about opinion length being a factor in earning points. Read into that what you will.

    Please please please clarify the situation of being awarded 100 points for opinions of 80 words or more. Please clear this up, and award the points you owe – the FAQ still states that you can earn points this way, as did an email I received 6 days ago. Sort that out, and I’ll start participating on this site again, as having an incentive for posting thought-through responses built up a very nice community here at Toluna – it would be a shame to see that disappear.

  5. zeppellina says :

    I like this idea, Agree with Magnius.. if the points for opinions came back, life would be just wonderful..!!!

    There should be happier smiles all round today..!!… Zep

  6. suzzy3 says :

    I have been away on holiday and was hoping to see a change for the better the sponsored polls seem to be quite good.Thanks for my popularity rewards by the way ,But I still would like my vouchers ordered in september and what about my other poll votes earn’t from july onwards .I understand you have been having problems but you never answer my emails and I think you don’t love me anymore and have forgotten my meagre existence ,come on , get your finger out there are plenty of good people on this site trying to make a success of it for everyone,this site is very lucky to have loyal people but please let us know a bit more.xxxx

  7. Danielle says :

    It Appears On The New Highlighted Sponsored Votes “see results” Even Though I Havent Voted And The Ones I Try To Vote Dont Load At All
    Please Can You Tell me What I Have Or Havent Done Please
    Thanks, Danni

  8. magnius says :

    These polls are having trouble. After I have completed them they still come up as polls that haven’t been voted on yet, it makes it hard to keep track of what polls you have or have not done yet.

  9. Fibre says :

    This seems good move — But I am still utterly confused when participating in a survey and you spend some time on it 5-10 mins suddenly it says that you are nor of the selected “few” — why when they have had and you have given loads of stats to them do they switch you off — with NO points score..

    But the 15 – 150 polls are good..


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