New features and bug fixes on Toluna

Now that the site upgrade has been completed, here is an update on the changes, new features and fixes we’ve made:

  1. The points discrepancy bug has been fixed. You should now see the exact same points balance on all pages, and all the balance issues have been fixed, so feel free to go ahead and redeem your points for vouchers!
  2. Usefulness votes have been changed to agree/disagree votes, and have been removed from Social Rewards (we will be elaborating more about Social Rewards and points for opinions shortly).
  3. Browsing video polls and topics: you can now filter topics and polls so that only content with embedded video is displayed. To view video content, simply make your selection from the “Explore” menu, then check the box next to “Show me video content only” (upper left side of your screen).

We are well aware of the many problems and glitches you’ve encountered on the site in recent weeks, and would like to assure you once again that we are doing our best to listen to our members’ requests and to solve all of the problems as efficiently as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

10 responses to “New features and bug fixes on Toluna”

  1. Shaziy says :


    There are a couple of points

    The glitch with the points discrepency between the homepage and account listing is fixed.

    The social reward system has been suspended with little or no information forthcoming, and even less so in terms of answers to questions raised. I suggest after the brainstorming and when a cohesive system is put in place it is fully explained so members are fully aware of the content that they will be rewarded for.

    Lastly, the most annoying bug which remains unfixed is opinions not sticking – this takes many forms and can take upto 20 attempts. I suggest this is fixed along with the above.


  2. BexiLexi says :

    I’m just here to say that i think you have done a good job this time. You replied to my message within 30 minutes and it was all fixed the next day.

    Although i do agree with what is said above. Opinions are a pain. But i’m sure you’ll fix it soon.

  3. krustybiker says :

    Thank you for fixing the glitches, as I am fed up of trying to post replies which refuse to stick.

    Could you therefore please post this for me, which is a reply to “my amazon vouchers have arrived – way hey”, from robby287.

    After SEVEN attempts, I have had enough:

    Well done, but I still think 6 weeks is too long. I have been waiting three weeks so far, there is no expected date of delivery on my records, though. So, going by your experience, I have another three weeks to wait.

    So I will have to remain a member for at least until the end of the month. As the opportunity to earn points has been restricted, and I get screened out of surveys more and more, Toluna will have to come up with something good to keep me interested. And sort out the glitch of posts not sticking first time. Did this go in first time? Did it hell.

  4. magnius says :

    It is still almost impossible to get replies to stick half the time, I have to give up sometimes after 10+ attempts which is very annoying when you have spent a while typing out a response. I cannot believe it has taken so long to figure this bug out, it’s killing the place.

  5. calla4 says :

    Dear ToLuna,

    It’s great that you finally fixed some bugs on the site but the most important one you haven’t actually addressed: Members still wait months to get their points credited after successfully completing a survey. I’m waiting for points dating back to August and September and each of my emails is being ignored. I’d really appreciate getting my hard-earned points so that I can finally redeem them for a voucher.

    Thanks for posting this message.

  6. Phil Beynon says :

    It would be great to have a list of pending points for completed surveys that have not yet been credited. Its quite hard to keep track of what points are likely to arrive!

  7. suzzy3 says :

    At last you are being honest with us and we know where we stand .Thank you and I for one will wait patienty untill it is fixed suzzy3

  8. Roger Wilson says :

    I have been reporting via “contact us” and by email that my profile is stuck on 52%.
    I have had 3 replies that tell me smeone is looking in to this but they all seem tp be computer generated and I have had no specific reply.
    ALSO I have completed all the online forms and tried resubmitting them. I have built up nearly 4000 points by answering surveys but I can not get into the interest surveys – which seems to me to be the main reason of why Toluna exists.
    Please can I have an answer from a real person.
    Regards Roger

  9. M.SWAIN says :

    i have now contacted you regarding your reply to me that my sainsburys voucher i requested in mid august was posted to me in september.This is now 3 months after requesting the voucher and no sign of it.What i need to know now is what is the next step you will take to get the voucher to me ,as i know there are many people like myself that have spent many months doing surveys to be treated like this.We don’t want anything else but to get what is due to us so come on TEST&VOTE SHOW THAT YOU WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND GET THIS SORTED QUICKLY and let everyone see that you are as fair as the rest of the survey sites that i have had no problems at all with my payments.

  10. anonymous says :

    toluna is such a good opportunity to get items from but there are too many bugs. its takes me many attemps to log in and out. Also i havn’t recieved a survey in months which is really frustrating as i only need 5000 points to get an amazon voucher. It is alsmost impossible to get the test items. I may give up soon because there is no point really. the main problems for me are the logging in/out bugs and the lack of surveys for me personally… however the new site looks good. =D

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