Social Rewards changes explained, points for opinions awarded

In order to clear up the confusion around the Social Rewards points system and the points for 80+ word opinions, here is a detailed explanation of the changes that have been made and the actions we’ve taken:

  • As previously announced, usefulness votes have been changed to Agree/Disagree votes and have been removed from Social Rewards.
  • There are 2 ways to earn points with Social Rewards:

          1. Poll popularity bonuses: the more voters your poll has, the more points you earn.

          2. Topic popularity bonuses: the more opinions are left on your topics, the more points you earn.

  • Opinion length: we have retroactively awarded points for all opinions 80 words or longer written between September 2nd and November 9th. We will continue doing so on a regular basis until opinion length is added to Social Rewards.
  • Points earning limitations: we have imposed the following limitations on the amount of points a member can earn monthly in order to discourage cheating:

          1. Social Rewards: limited to 15,000 points per month, not including level ascension bonuses.

          2. Opinion length: limited to 5,000 points per month.

  • Please note that the FAQ and tutorial have not yet been updated to reflect these changes, therefore it is highly recommended that you visit the blog often in order to get the most up to date information.

In addition, we have fixed the bug which was preventing some of our members from voting on the new sponsored polls.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

4 responses to “Social Rewards changes explained, points for opinions awarded”

  1. glk1984 says :

    Thank you Toluna for listening to your members and rewarding 80+ word opinions with points as you’ve always advertised.

    Now, please could you be fair and reward our activities from September 2nd to November 9th fairly, as we all acted and posted in good faith. It isn’t fair to retrospectively apply the new rules to our past behaviour.

    Also, please could you raise the upper limit for earning points from opinions. I enjoy this site primarily because of the posting and replies you get on topics, but this will grind to a halt in the second half of the month when people have reached their 50 opinions, and can’t be bothered contributing if they’re not going to get rewarded.

  2. zeeshan says :

    very nice

  3. ViolettaFairy says :

    Thank you for this update – and for fixing that bug. It was nice to get the “Opinions” points too!

  4. Michael Bolton says :

    It is very nie to have the conditions in a way that anybody can understand. Thank you for putting it plainly.

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