Opinions are now sticking for good!

We are very happy to announce that the technical problem which caused opinions not to stick has been fully fixed; posting on an opinion on a topic should now work without a glitch.

We would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience this has caused, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

11 responses to “Opinions are now sticking for good!”

  1. cynthia1111 says :

    Some of my opinions will still not stick Yesterday alone I had three that would not post. The first time they just disappear then the next time they turn yellow and say try again later but no matter how many times I resubmitted they simply would not stick. It is just the odd opinion this happens with and once it happens I can never get a reply to stick to that question.

  2. Alon Jacobi says :

    Hi Cynthia,

    As far as I can tell from the code it should be impossible for you to now get the “try again later” error. It’s just been removed from the code. I would like to perhaps get a better understanding from you what is happening and try to figure out why is it only happening to you (I’ve not heard about this problem recurring from other members).

    Are you certain that the error message you received yesterday was “Try again later”?

    Also, the next time you receive such an error, could you perhaps try to not attempt to post again, but go back to that page 5 minutes later and see if your opinion is there? Sometimes it may take a minute or two for the opinion to appear on the site due to database syncing issues, and then of course it would not let you repost your opinion as it is already in the database. You should still not receive “Try again later” error though even in that case, which is why I want to be absolutely certain if that is the error you are receiving.

    Alon, Toluna R&D

  3. magnius says :

    I’m still having trouble as well, looks like the announcement was a bit premature. I’m having the exact same problem as cynthia1111

  4. dawn ratcliffe says :

    no theyre not!! i still have to copy and paste them and when they do stick they dont sho up for ages.
    this was not the major problem though people are not receiving vouchers and still dont know how we get points as it is so vague. i still havent received ANY for my opinions of over 80 words that i wrote since august.

  5. magnius says :

    I’m not getting the “Try again later” message, but I am still having problems getting opinions to stick, sometimes having to try up to 10 times before it finally works (or I give up). It’s not as common as it was, but it is still a glitch that is still happening.

  6. Alon Jacobi says :

    Magnius and Dawn,

    I’d like to understand what you are experiencing exactly to try and understand where to look for the problem. You say you are not receiving any error message? What does happen when you try to post an opinion and it doesn’t stick? What happens when you try to repost it when it does happen?

    Dawn, when you say an opinion has not stuck, how do you know that it didn’t stick rather than just didn’t show yet?

    Alon, Tolunda R&D

  7. magnius says :

    Alon, I have emailed you with a description of the problem as best as I can describe it.

  8. dawn ratcliffe says :

    I know it didnt show it because i clicked show other opinions and it wasnt there so i tried refreshing the page and it still wasnt there so i waited 5 minutes and did it again and it still wasnt there finally after a few attempts it stayed. it is not as much of a problem as it used to be though.

  9. Alon Jacobi says :

    Thanks Magnius and Dawn, I’ll try to dig deeper into this.

  10. inzilbeth says :

    Alon.. just to let you know since you have fixed for some of us the problems of opinions sticking.. a new one is cropping up when each time you try to open a new page, or sometimes where you type an opinion and press submit.. it seems that I am logged off, and have to relog in.

  11. Alon Jacobi says :

    Hi Inzilbeth,

    I recall there was a problem with cookies not long ago. Please try to clear all you cookies (in your browser) and see if the problem still exists.
    If it does, let me know and I’ll investigate it with you further.

    (BTW – the cookie problem if it exists is completely unrelated to the opinions not sticking problem. Totally different mechanisms 🙂 )

    Alon, Toluna R&D

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