Points for 80+ word opinions awarded

Points have been awarded for opinions 80 words or longer posted between November 10th and December 1st. Please note:

  • There is a limit of 5000 points per month for opinions
  • From now on points will be automatically awarded on the 2nd of each month.

Enjoy your points!

Avner & the Toluna Team

7 responses to “Points for 80+ word opinions awarded”

  1. Maxiphil says :

    I still haven’t recieved my points. Even for the surveys I have done :(!

  2. robby287 says :

    Thanks for that I, already knew about the points cap but its nice to know when the points will be awarded

  3. erica kimber says :

    I have not received any points for opinions. Can you let know about this please.

  4. dawn ratcliffe says :

    I still did not receive my points for opinions from these dates stated or any other for that matter. over my time with toluna i have left at least 70 opinions of over 80 words and i have received NOTHING for them they were all my own words and opinions not spam.

  5. leyland says :

    Gosh ! This does not sound like i good idea ! writing this does it with so many people complaing that they have not recieved their points. I have too a cause for concern re the points allocation. I have compleated my profile .. 100 % and have not recieved my bonus ones ! I have written to customer relation and had it all explained to me but to no avail .
    On a brighter not .. when I have collected enough point to be converted in to vouchers they have arrived within the allocated time scales ..So I am happy to leave this on a happy positive note !

  6. mimi_biju says :

    Thanks for that

  7. donella says :

    well, i have written about 7 opinions of 80 words or longer over the last few months but i have only received points for two of these, the points allocation doesn’t seem to be done chronologically either, it looks like i have been given points for for two random opinions (although i don’t know what dates i wrote them as this isn’t shown i presume they have been listed in the order i wrote them though)
    why cant we see the dates we wrote the opinions? at least that way we could be sure how many we would be getting points for each month.

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