Voucher delivery update

As of next week we will begin shipping all vouchers ordered during the month of November. We’d like to apologize again for the delay and thank you for your patience, and we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

34 responses to “Voucher delivery update”

  1. Spanktastic says :

    I am not impressed by the delays for getting an electronic code. I have no idea how this works from ToLuna’s end but since you don’t tell us it’s difficult to appreciate why this problem has occurred, and been in place practically the whole year looking at various comments. Since you don’t seem to reply to individual queries it might be nice to explain there is a delay when people go to order the vouchers as I only found out when I emailed a query and I was pointed to the blog which I wasn’t even aware of and probably wouldn’t read usually. If there was a polite note re the delays some people (incl me) would not order the vouchers. I personally order HMV vouchers but since HMV change their prices on a fairly regular basis by the time you get the voucher the price may have shot up and it’s not worth ordering. And last time I got my vouchers they were only valid for 4 days which seems a bit cheeky since they took 4 weeks to arrive. Hopefully the whole ordering process/delivery of vouchers/validity will improve sometime soon. Up until this point I have found ToLuna to be a good survey site and to those who think people moan about getting payment for a survey, it’s pretty rubbish to wait 4 weeks (not allowing for any delays) for an electronic code, esp since as I mentioned earlier prices change dramatically by the time you get them and they are only valid for a very limited period (in my experience). It would also be nice if ToLuna could at least appear to take onboard these comments as I can see a lot of people who are unhappier and worse off than me.

  2. magnius says :

    I am awaiting one more voucher, and then I will unsubscribing.

  3. John Lennon says :

    I agree, it’s ridiculous that they take so long to send an electronic voucher to peopel via email. I have been waiting for 5 weeks now for a HMV voucher, it’s beyond a joke. Oh well.

  4. mark sparrow says :

    have ordered a e-voucher on the 4/12/08 still not got it but when i order one from lightspeed i get it within 24 hours why cant toluna do the same?

  5. Nigel Holland-Williams says :

    I have only just found this blog on Toluna. I had no idea it exsisted and it does explain a few issues for me. However it does not explain the fact that when you order vouchers you simply dont recieve them unless you chase them up. I have had to do this with every voucher I have ordered. I dont believe Toluna send them out unless you chase them. I think they assume that most people either forget or cannot be bothered.
    If you do eventually find the link to contact Toluna they simply do not respond to it or any other queries.
    I am sure Toluna must be breaking several laws.

  6. Charlie says :

    I agree with all of the above comments I have just emailed Toluna to find out where my vouchers are that were ordered in Novemeber. I see in the FAQ that they have changed the est delivery time to “up to 8 weeks” (v.cheeky) whereas I’m pretty sure it wasnt that long the last time I ordered a voucher (which took quite a while as well). Its putting me off doing the surveys as I see no reward for my time and effort and wont be doing anymore until I receive my voucher- regardless of how many “this really is your LAST chance to get x points” emails I get. As mentioned above it is only an e-voucher, when they talk of “delivery” we are only talking about producing a code and emailing it, I dont understand why it takes so long. I think the rules are being bent all over the place I am really sure it didnt say in the FAQs up to 8 weeks est delivery the last time I got my voucher. In short, you guys seem to swap and change whenever you have a problem and I am seriously thinking of quitting if and when I eventually get ahead.

  7. mattie00 says :

    i have order my amazon vocuher on the 07/11/2008 and still havent recieved it, i have been hoping to get it befor christmas, but i never. so i hope my voucher will be sent soon or i may start thing of canceling my account

  8. Natalie says :

    I am extremely disapointed in the service provided by Toluna of late. I ordered a paper voucher on 24th October, and it has still not arrived. I received 1 email saying it should be with me by the End of November, but still nothing. Now I can’t even get a respone to my emails!

  9. helen nightingale says :

    i got a voucher without any chasing, but the voucher code is invalid. i shant bother any more

  10. magnius says :

    Why does it take 8 weeks to deliver a HMV/Amazon voucher when it takes some of your rivals just a few seconds?

  11. JMB76 says :

    I ordered a CD WOW electronic voucher on the 21st Nov 2008, again I am waiting an inordinate amount of time to receive it. Come on Toluna sort these issues out. When I order an e-voucher with the survey site Valued Opinions the code is released for use Immediately, so what exactly is your excuse for these delays? Yours expecting no response what so ever. JMB76

  12. plainjayne777 says :

    i’m still waiting for 4 sainsburys vouchers, which i ordered the beginning of November hoping to spend them at christmas, but christmas has come and gone and still no vouchers

  13. Al says :

    “I dont believe Toluna send them out unless you chase them.”

    I’ve never had to chase them up and they’ve always arrived eventually. I do agree, though, that other companies send electronic vouchers within a day and paper vouchers within a week. Toluna could easily do the same, possibly at some extra expense in the short term, but I’m sure their current voucher delivery system is losing them panel members which isn’t in anyone’s interest.

  14. Kim says :

    Oh i see thought you forgot about me, was hoping i would get my voucher before christmas,o well hopefully i will recieve it soon =]

  15. JoyceB52 says :

    Still awaiting a Sainsbury’s voucher ordered in November, hope to receive it soon?

  16. Helen says :

    I’m the same, still awaiting a HMV voucher from end of nov. Very poor website I think, how can it take this long to send an e-code! What are the rewards for people like us doing these online surveys? Very little it seems…and their website is totally useless too as nobody contacts you back. Perhaps someone at Toluna should be reading all these comments?

  17. dmissy13 says :

    2 months delay for a code? pathetic, has that whole department quit or just not give a toss?

  18. chris says :

    this is bollocks! i’ve been waiting for my voucher since October – there once was a time that i promoted this site to my friends but that is no longer – as sonn as i get my last voucher i am gone!

  19. riabean says :

    Ordered my amazon e-voucher on the 15th of November and still waiting!!! What an absolute joke, never had this problem with Toluna before, so am really disappointed.

  20. Jenny Kavanagh says :

    I would like to say thank you for my sainsburys voucher which has arrived today. Despite the delay of 3 months from order, I think this is an improvement judging by past blog messages. Keep the improvements going toluna.

  21. magnius says :

    I have received an email from Toluna telling me that I will have to wait at least two more weeks for a voucher ordered on the 22nd November!! This is a disgrace!!

  22. JMB76 says :

    My CD WOW voucher that I ordered in November has now finally arrived, thank you. Please sort these delays out before you lose your members to other sites.

  23. Scott Gibson says :

    I’m still waiting for some I ordered on 14/08/08 and the delivery date was estimated 29/09/2008. Still waiting. I won’t be answering any more surveys till I get them.

  24. Lorena says :

    I am extremely disapointed in the service provided by Toluna. I ordered a voucher on 4th September, and it has still not arrived. I received 1 email saying it should be with me by the End of November, but still nothing. Now I can’t even get a respone to my emails!!
    I ordered another one middle of december so God knows when that one is going to arrive.
    Im not very happy and I have stopped doing surveys since december as I dont see any point to waste my time when I have to wait 4 months for a £10 !!!! A Joke

  25. michelle says :

    iam really cheesed off i too am waiting for a e-voucher from november, why is it theycan post these complaints and not respond by doing nothing,
    i am really disappointed that they are taking so long do they not have people just to sort these things and if not then maybe they should employ someone to sort it out.

  26. xof_uk says :

    Perhaps it would be useful for Toluna to keep us updated. Even an estimated date of delvery would be nice. Feel as though being kept in the dark!

  27. Peter says :

    I ordered £30 amazon vouchers from here i november and still haven’t had them. i totally agree with comments castigating toluna for their tardiness in this matter , could be sorted out a lot sooner

  28. Simon Shearer says :

    Hi, I feel less bad now when I see all the other problems people are having, but, just for the record my order on 1st July took nearly three months to arrive and this one on 15/11 looks like it’s going to take almost as long.

  29. edu-sense says :

    Well it is 8 weeks tomorow, the latest I should recieve 2 HMV vouchers, I have had replies to my emails saying their is a delay, surely with the ammount of redundancys happening Toluna should get more staff in to sort out the problems, or are they in trouble. It took me ages to reach enough points for 2 hmv vouchers and all i will get is 1 blu ray that lasts 2 hours. I think some form of compensation is in order. I will not do any more surveys untill Toluna coughs up.

  30. Peter says :

    WOW!! got my amazon voucher codes by email yesterday, only took 3 months!! spent already. At least they were pretty quick off the mark after emailing to say they would finally be processing and they did APOLOGISE!! does help.

  31. Ateka says :

    I would like to cancel my reward offer of Amazon voucher I ordered on 13/10/2008 and would like it converted back to points. So can I please have 60000 points back for cancelling the amazon voucher in the amount of £10 which I ordered in the above date mentioned.


  32. Ateka says :

    Actually the Amazon 60 000 points conversion was ordered on16/08/2008 and was estimated to be delivered on the 13/10/2008 but I never received the vouchers. Now however I would like to have back the points instead of the amazon voucher, if possible.


  33. Michael says :

    O.K. so some people are dissatisfied at the time to receive vouchers etc. I see no reason for the complaints , just bear in mind that if this was a postal survey you would be lucky to get any feedback at all.

  34. Vikki Humphries says :

    It seems that the vouchers issues are getting dealt with! I ordered a HMV voucher on 26.01.2009 and received it today! Thanks!!!

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