Miles & More no longer available

During the past 2 years many of our members have converted their Toluna points to Miles & More miles which have been used for flights around the globe; unfortunately our partnership with Miles & More has now ended and this reward option will no longer be available.

 During the upcoming year we will be adding new reward partners to Toluna and as always, we are interested in your input; if you have ideas for new reward partners, please let us know.  

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

13 responses to “Miles & More no longer available”

  1. Sayshell1976 says :

    Argos & vouchers would be great.

  2. Graham dixon says :

    Hi anver and co i wasnt really one for this reward but i would like to see paypal added to the reward scheme,i am aware that it does cost money but there are other websites that do it,i thiunk other users would welcome the idea regards dicka42

  3. 80sbabi says :

    i think toluna should introduce paypal as a form of paying its users, so they can spend their earned points on whatever they like, giving much more freedom of choice.Also more supermarkets could be included, tesco, morrisons, m&s etc.thanks.happy new year to you all.x

  4. Phil Beynon says :

    Argos vouchers would be nice.
    If you go the route of Harris Interactive and do points for electronics then remember different countries have different voltages – I got a really neat radio off them which blew up when I plugged it into the mains!

  5. Empressss0 says :

    I haven’t really got into the online shopping wagon so i love getting Sainsbury vouchers.
    Can i suggest Capital bond vouchers and Boots vouchers. Yes, definitely Boots.
    Can you lower the threshold of the points required to convert points?? Please, please??? 60000 points , took me two years to get them and i only like the prizes in this price band.

  6. cynthia hayes says :

    I think it would be a good idea to introduce argos vouchers. Everybody seems to have an Argos store and Argos has such a vast range of products and often has sales on, which toluna members could take advantage of. All the best to you all cynthia1111 xx

  7. Donna says :

    I think paypal would be an excellent idea but I really do wish that we could earn pets at home vouchers. Morrisons would be good too.

  8. Gaby says :

    Hi there. As with several other replies, I think Argos vouchers would make for a wonderful addition to the points prizes.
    Happy New Year

  9. Terry Mumford says :

    I feel along with quite a few others that Argos points would be great.

    There is also another few things you could look into which are usually entitled “Days Out” You collect points for various theme parks or stately homes / castles etc even Blackpool pleasure beach, might be worth looking and and maybe some would prefer that option, for me though, it has to be Argos.

    I just hope they survive the credit crunch and dont go the same way as “Woolies” Thanks for your efforts, all the very best for 2009 to each and every one of you


  10. Graham says :

    The following would be good rewards:
    – Argos
    – John Lewis
    – M&S
    – B&Q
    – Game

    It would be good if there were more lower value rewards, for example:
    – £5 vouchers at 35,000
    – a free DVD at 15,000-25,000 (depending on the film)
    – a free music CD at 15,000-25,000 (depending on the album)

    More prize draws, for example:
    – win £100 of (insert partners name here) vouchers for 200 points
    – win 50%, 25%, 10% or (1 of 3) 5% of the prize fund of points used to enter the draw for 500 points

    I also think that the group of rewards for 60,000 has a bit of an odd mix in it, with £10 & £12 vouchers. Would it not be better to have all £10 but have 2 bands of points required to get them.

  11. Graham says :

    Since posting my last message I’ve just thought of a way of getting smaller vouchers as well including Argos and that is by being able to exchange our points for Nectar points.

    It could potentially lead to us being able to spend our rewards in store faster as it might be able to be all done electronically and there would be no posting of the vouchers to us (which might also cut Toluna costs a bit also).

  12. Phil says :

    I second the ideas Graham has, and also agree with others that PayPal should be an option as well.

  13. elaine says :

    I have to agree with the Paypal idea…….gives you so much more choice…….vouchers are fine but how many times have you had a voucher and cant find anything you want??

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