Reporting cheaters to Toluna

There have been several complaints lately from Toluna members who have come across cheaters on the site. Cheaters are usually members who create several accounts, then post the same opinions over and over again on topics created by them using one of their many accounts. These members are usually easy to spot, since their topics seem to get an unusually high number of opinions; if you take a closer look you will usually find the same opinions, posted by the same fake members, often with no relevance to the actual topic.

This is of course a major concern to us, as this kind of cheating has a very negative effect on the quality of the site’s content and our members’ user experience. We encourage you to report any suspected cheating by clicking here; please rest assured that we will take an in depth look at every case before any action is taken.

See you on the site,

Avner & the Toluna Team

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