Proud to be British?

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4 responses to “Proud to be British?”

  1. PH says :

    Yes, born here of British parents, so fairly naturally I’m proud of the UK, except when its various Governments actually lie to us………which seems fairly frequent.
    BUT, I’m as equally proud to be a European and part of mankind.
    There is nothing particularly special about being from any one nationality. Being xenophobic is dangerous (& fairly brain-dead).

  2. Katriona says :

    I’m not proud to be British at all, our government only has one agenda and thats to look after themselves, I live in a country full of greedy, selfish, typical consumer brain fed individuals bred this way by the over commercial consumer world. I’m proud of who I am, but not of the country I live in, I’m proud that despite all this I’m a caring, honest, giving, hardworking individual who tries my best at everything, but if the government had its way, I’d be stealing or taking out credit, have a drug habit and be totally dependent on belonging to this hell hole rat race, in America’s pocket Britain.

  3. Andrew Allan says :

    Totally agree with Katriona, This country is full of self centered people whose arrogance lies in the rat race- what do you drive, do you own your own house, what have you got etc!

  4. Andrea Webb says :

    Agree with Katriona and Andrew. I used to be proud of being British. My experience of the deterioration NHS over 40 years has scared me, as have the incrasing weakness of the Education system. I see that the govt. is trying to re-introduce apprenticeships ~ but it is a shame that they were phased out in the first place. It is much easier for youngsters to learn skilled labour by apprenceship than by the present methods. I can understand why teenagers now have the impression that they don’t have to work, they are not going to work. It is because they can get away with it. It is a shame because they are missing out on such a lot of experiences in life.

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