Toluna’s rules– a reminder

A number of you have asked us to make a point of the main rules of Toluna. We have therefore decided to create this article about the rules:

  1. Surveys – You receive email invitations to participate in our surveys which contain the survey code, the number of points that you will receive upon completing the survey and the closing date of the survey. When you have completed the survey with success, a message will appear informing you of completion and you will be directed to the Toluna homepage afterwards. The Points are credited four weeks after the closing date of the survey. We credit all the participants at the same time and in some cases the survey can take longer than the intended closing date. If you have a problem with one of our surveys, please contact us on the link contained in the survey invitation so that we can look at the problem.
  2. Polls and Opinions – You win points related to the number of responses you receive on the polls and opinion topics that you have created. Please note – The opinion of the member who created the topic is also counted, which is why the number of responses starts automatically at 1.  The points for Content Popularity Bonus (polls/opinion topics) have a monthly limit of 15,000 points.  The points are credited automatically.
  3. Opinions longerr than  80 words  –Each opinion over 80 words is credited 100 points. We credit a maximum of 50 opinions per month, meaning there is a monthly cap of 5000 points for opinions.  The points for this action are credited on the 2nd of each month.
  4. Sponsored polls are credited in contrast to normal polls. Each Sponsored poll offers you the chance win 15 – 150 points, depending on the number of questions.
  5. Level Advancement Bonus – Each member of Toluna has a particular level, which reflects upon the popularity and quality of the content they have created on the site. To be awarded a level advancement bonus, various criteria and parameters of the content quality are considered. There are a total number of 5 levels available on Toluna: New member, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and VIP.
  6. Opinion Content – The content you create must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of Toluna. Here are some reasons as to why content may be removed:
  • Polls / topics where members ask for others to help them win points
  • Content written entirely in capitals
  • Content which is not categorised correctly
  • Content written in a different language than the site it appears on.
  1. Rewards –The “Your points” section allows you can keep track of your order. If the order was successful, it will appear in red along with the number of points deducted from your total. You should receive your reward up to 8 weeks after the date on which you ordered it.
  2. Prize Draw – The Prize draw tickets are lottery tickets. You can order these the same way as the gift vouchers, in the same section, “Reward Partners”. These tickets are also offered when one is screened out of a survey, and will be indicated on the survey invitation.  These lottery tickets are not in paper form, but you can still see the order in “Your Points” section. This indicated that your name has been included in the list for the monthly lottery of 5000 GBP. To check if you have won simply go to “Test & Rewards” and then “Prize Draw Winners” The top five will earn cash and the others will win an electronic gift voucher which they will receive about 8 weeks after the date of the draw.
  3. Product tests – The product test are limited. Members chosen for product test are not chosen based on their profile, the selection is random and you could be chosen at any time. All the successful applicants will have their names displayed on the particular product in Test Area. The product will be mailed within approximately two weeks, and two weeks after receiving the product, you will receive a questionnaire to complete.

See you on the site,

Avner & The Toluna Team

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  1. pegster1 says :

    Good afternoon,

    Thanks for these explanations, that´s very clear (as well as the other one concerning the level statut).


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