Texting more dangerous than talking while driving

How many drivers admit to texting while driving?

A recent study conducted in the United States shows that texting while driving can have an even deadlier effect that talking while driving, and a survey conducted by Toluna shows that a surprisingly high percentage of drivers admit to texting while driving.

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3 responses to “Texting more dangerous than talking while driving”

  1. grumpyoldbloke1 says :

    I think that using a mobile when driving does not help in traffic, because nowadays people are NOT taught to drive under all conditions, they are taught to pass a test, and we now have people abandoned onto the roads who are genuinely dangerous without any distractions. I was taught to drive in the mid-60’s, and received further training in the Police Force, to a really high standard. In those days police radios did not have hands free, and we still needed to use them during high speed chases!
    I think that people using mobiles should be knocked off, BUt I think that some stupid cases reported when someone was taken to court for eating a Mars bar are just cops taking the michael, and abusing their authority.

  2. Joe says :

    Another Grumpyoldbloke here!

    I did my driving ‘tests’ (long story)in the 1950s.Remember when to pass your test you had to, WIND, your window down, stick your arm out and wave it about whilst changing gear and wiping the rain off off the windscreen, windscreen wipers! some joke! and that was just to turn a corner! Plus a ‘starting handle’ was not considered an offensive weapon.
    Them were The Days,
    Kind Regards

  3. Dawndelyse says :

    Without a shadow of doubt, using a mobile phone to send and receive texts is the height of stupidity because you lose your concentration both in mind and sight. I despair at the many rules that Labour bring out and not a single thing is done to stop the stupidity of drivers. I live in an area full of ‘yummy mummies’ in big, expensive 4x4s which have been bought to show the world how successful hubby is and to take Araminta and Titus to school which is 100 yards away. All the while Mummy is on the phone either talking or texting, negotiating the road with one hand. Please, Mr Policeman, make an example of her and others by actually stopping them, taking away the phone and then giving them 3 points and a hefty fine. Word of mouth will soon stop them using their phones. When my phone rings, I pull over to the side of the road and then use it.

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