Voucher Update

Unfortunately we still are experiencing some delays with the vouchers, for which we send our apologies. We understand that some of the vouchers are beyond the promised 8 weeks and we are working hard to catch up with the delays.

We understand this is very frustrating and we hope to get your voucher to you as soon as possible. We understand our members work very hard to earn their points and we are working very hard to catch up with the delays. At present we have no specific delivery dates; as soon as we receive the vouchers they are sent out immediately, with priority to the earlier ordered vouchers. We once again apologise for the delays and kindly ask for your patience.

We hope you are still enjoying your time on the site and that you receive your voucher soon.

See you soon on the site,

Toluna Team

9 responses to “Voucher Update”

  1. thesnarler666 says :

    Just to let you know that as long as the vouchers arrive sometime, when is no problem…You have a wonderful site, do not worry about times with vouchers, everyone should understand

  2. Uthira says :

    Thanks very much for the update.

  3. John says :

    Thanks Toluna for sending me my long awaited voucher – I received £12 instead of the £10 I qualified for back in November, so thanks for the extra £2.

  4. mandy says :

    i too received £12 instead of the £10 thanks for the vouchers, i hope nxt time it wont be such a long a wait

  5. krisclark says :

    Thanks for the update – it’s good to keep everybody informed. My vouchers have always arrived eventually, and it’s a nice wee treat when they do!

  6. valerie whittemore says :

    thank you for the update about vouchers i wont worry now that it will arrive eventually

  7. velux says :

    Thanks so much for my voucher which arrived this morning after waiting for 3 months. I expect the delays are due to the company being based in France but at least they kept their promise and delivered. We all have 2 years to use them so there’s plenty of time on our side to use the vouchers.
    Thanks very much

  8. Sharon says :

    At last!!!!!!!! I received my e-voucher code, today, well chuffed. Thank you, for not letting me down!

  9. helen says :

    Thanks for letting use know! Hopefully, you can sort this situation out to everyone’s satisfaction.

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