Toluna to donate 20 cents per survey response to Haiti earthquake relief

Take a survey to help us reach our goal, and tell us where you want the money to go!

The Toluna team has pledged to contribute to Haiti earthquake relief efforts, and starting Monday, January 25, will donate 20 cents for each survey response, until we reach a total of £6,000, to the organization our members choose. This means that when you take a survey, your participation will contribute to helping survivors of the Haiti earthquakes, whether or not you qualify for the study. Take a survey and help Toluna help the citizens of Haiti during this time of loss and healing.

In addition, cast your vote to tell us where you think the money should go! The poll will open on Monday, January 25, and close on Thursday, January 28. Help Toluna help the citizens of Haiti during this time of loss and healing- click here to cast your vote for your charity of choice.

Our thoughts are with our Toluna community members, Haiti citizens, and all who are affected by the devastating earthquakes.


The Toluna Team

Haiti relief contribution details: Toluna will donate 20 cents for each survey response received beginning Monday, January 25, through February 25, until we reach a total donation of up to £6,000.  Donation will be comprised of up to $5,000 for North American survey responses, and up to €5,000 for European survey responses.  Toluna will donate the funds to one charity selected by Toluna North America and Europe members in the Haiti earthquake poll that opens on January 25, 2010 and closes on January 28, 2010.  Toluna is not responsible for votes cast but not received, regardless of cause.   A survey response occurs when a member attempts to complete a survey and completes the entire survey, or completes the initial questions, and does not qualify for whatever reason, including instances in which quota has been filled.  Toluna is making this contribution as a goodwill gesture only, and is not making an endorsement of any particular charitable organization.

7 responses to “Toluna to donate 20 cents per survey response to Haiti earthquake relief”

  1. Soniaponia says :

    Well done Toluna for showing your sympathy for the Haitian nation and having a heart in donating your/our hard earned money towards a noble cause 🙂

  2. Elsie says :

    This is a great gesture!

  3. grayonidas says :

    Excellent news! It’s caring gestures like these that show there’s hope for us all in a world that sometimes looks like it doesn’t care any more.

  4. Thaslima says :

    I think that is a fantastic idea Toluna, to actually put your profits towards the Haitian Nation shows alot 😀

  5. Taklima says :

    Great idea 😀 guess i’ll be doing a few extra surveys 😀

  6. Thaklima says :

    Cool idea guess every penny helps

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