Vouchers update: the Amazon voucher value is increasing!

Dear members,

This Thursday, 16th April, Toluna is increasing the value of your points!! Previously, a total of 80 000 points gave the opportunity to apply for an Amazon voucher worth £12, but by this Thursday, this voucher value will increase to a substantial £15! Don’t miss out, continue to enjoy taking part in our online surveys.

Avner & the Toluna Team

14 responses to “Vouchers update: the Amazon voucher value is increasing!”

  1. Linda Dale says :

    Good news about the increase. Enjoy doing the surveys

  2. Angela says :

    Brilliant news about the Amazon voucher – even better value

  3. noxnetwork says :

    i’ll definitely go for it! bingo!!!!!!

  4. Tanya says :

    That’s a great news! Thanks

  5. Heather S says :

    I am pleased I had saved my points up – I was waiting for my outstanding voucher to come before I ordered anymore, which will only be worth £12, but once that arrives (which should be any day now as I ordered it in Feb) I will order another for £15!

  6. amateurnews says :

    top stuff, thanks

  7. Joanne says :

    thats really cool

  8. catherine says :

    Great News… I think Toluna is great and the value of the voucher is excellent, i enjoy doing all my little surveys and watching the points pile up, and to get more for your money is top…

  9. Kris says :

    Brilliant news! The site just keeps getting better. =)

  10. Chris says :

    fantastic i enjoy taking surveys and being rewarded is the icing on the cake

  11. Queri1 says :

    That’s great – I love Amazon! I’m looking forward to it. All I’ve got to do now is gain the 80,000 points!

  12. clare says :

    Glad I joined this site (recommended by my mum) the Amazon vouchers are going to be fab and help loads towards buying my expensive study books. Thank you Toluna 🙂

  13. JR Hartley says :

    Great news thanks, I’ve also noticed that vouchers are arriving quite quickly now.

  14. thelis says :

    Great news. Many thanks.

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