The results are in! General Election 2010

Dear Members,

Last week on Toluna we informed you that we had created some special Quickvotes in order to celebrate the General Election and we’re now able to tell you the results!
As you are probably aware, on Tuesday we saw our former Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, resigning from his position. This made way for the new Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, to form a new coalition government. But how does this compare to your votes on Toluna?
We asked “Will you be voting in the General Election on the 6th of May 2010?”, in which an amazing 61% of you replied “Yes” (“No – 21%”, “Don’t know – 18%”).

We then asked “Which party will you be voting for this General Election?”. The results were tight, just like the actual election ; “Labour – 20%”, “Conservatives – 25%”, “Liberal Democrats – 24%”, “Other – 31%”. However, we can conclude that, in general, you are happy with the current Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition.

We hope that you enjoyed participating in these Quickvotes and we hope to see you soon on the site!

The Toluna Team

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