Problems accessing Toluna

Dear Members,

We are currently experiencing some technical issues on our website which is causing it to be extremely unstable. We’re working on these issues and we hope that it will soon be resolved.

Avner & The Toluna Team

29 responses to “Problems accessing Toluna”

  1. stupot1947 says :

    I have got to admit the site has been slower than ever over the past few weeks and an upgrade would be delightful for all of us.

  2. ali831 says :

    thanks for the update, i was getting extremely worried the problem was t my end as it has been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks. hope you get it sorted soon

  3. Kate Gilbert says :

    Thank goodness, we all love your site such interaction but has been so slow for a few weeks and the last few days unbearable. I did post a topic asking you to let us all know what was going on. So many member and so many topics and polls and replies, no wonder it crashed.
    I am so pleased that you are now finally able to do something about it as a lot of member were thinking of leaving which would be a real shame as a lot of people find your site a life line

  4. Patricia Brock says :

    Technical Issues have plagued the site for many months; taking the site down and working on the problems is an excellent move on your part. Hundreds of thousands participate in your unique Website and the aspects that are unlike other Community forums.

    From the polls to opinoins and the free lance style, I unlike many others desire to see you us and running quickly.

  5. Jenna says :

    Thanks for letting us know and hopefully this will make the site better! Although people will miss it for a few days at least there will be no more complaints!

  6. Joshua Travers says :

    I agree with Patricia.
    I noticed that after friday’s maintenance, I could finally access my interest surveys and product test registration! It is good that you have a friendly team who are concerned about their users!
    Hope all goes well.

    • Patricia Brock says :

      Thanks, Joshua for your input; let us all be positive in our attitudes and that we may continue to not only enjoy but give our input into issues that affect us all.

      Kudo’s to you.
      Please stop by when the Site returns.

      Patrica Brock

  7. Barbara Yunus says :

    Thank you for letting us know about the problem. I hope you will correct the fault soon so we can all get back on as soon as possible. Good luck.

  8. Angie says :

    I agree with Patricia Brock. I thoroughly enjoy participating in your online surveys as I find them very well structured. They are clear to understand and hold my interest. I am sick of receiving invites from other companies asking me to participate in a survey that will only take 10 minutes and then finding myself answering unclear questions for up to an hour!!!!!
    I look forward to your new website and hope that you continue to remain true to the importance of public opinion, something so many companies forget.

    • Patricia Brock says :


      Thanks for your positive input into Toluna; we find many issues connect and conflict with daily issues and a Public Forum is our best contribution.

      Being a member of several Communities I find Toluna both controversial and an asset. It is my hope that members will see this as a tremendous effort by the Toluna people to correct issues we have all experienced and make the Site even better for us to continue our partiicpation.

      Once the iste has opened for all of us please stop by and say hello!

      Patricia Brock

  9. chris says :

    people complain that toluna is not operational sometimes, but its better to see scheduled website maintainance such as this, and to make the future of toluna better.

    keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Natalie says :

    Hope you get all the problems resolved quickly, i enjoy this site and hope its up and running again soon.

  11. Tasha says :

    LOL could have sorted it out at a better time (soooo close to 80,000 points now) 😛 Only joking, its good that you guys are sorting it out, I’ve been having problems loging in for about 2 weeks now :/ anyway, thanks for letting us know whats going on, and hope the site is up and running again soon 🙂

  12. Robert says :

    Very considerate of you to actually tell us what is going on. So few sites take the time or effort to do so. This is one of the reasons that Toluna is and will continue to be a foremost survey community. Thank You.

  13. Deborah Dorey says :

    What a shame that it has come to this. A wonderful site to be associated with. I do enjoy myself, and it has made me more aware of my personal surroundings and respect the thoughts and opinions that other people that I don’t have. Hopefully it will not take long.

  14. Chris says :

    This is good news…Please hurry, I am missing my daily dose of Toluna medicine!

  15. Donna says :

    Great news that it is all going to be fixed. I have had problems with the site and the surveys for a while now and will be glad when I can access the surveys again.

  16. Ang says :

    Brill news had noticed it got veerryyyy slow lol
    have missed going on there as much because of this look forward to seeing it up and running again x

  17. eddiet1 says :

    hurry back we all miss you! lol

  18. dolciey says :

    I have to say that i am overwhelmed with joy by your technical support teams urgency to get the site up and running again(as it has slowed right down over the last few weeks before practically coming to a standstill when trying to load topics!)so all the thousands of members can log back in and get their daily dose of toluna!
    I know that i speak for a great deal of us when saying that we all love the nature and content of the site, aswell! as the friendliness of the members! and that we wait eagerly for the site to be back to normal so we can log back in and start where we all left off! hope it’s sooner than later x

  19. Roselily1 says :

    I only wish you could of gave us notice first before you started the much needed maintenance,hopefully when you come back all will be resolved ,members love this site and if like me they are experiencing withdrawel symptoms ,then toluna needs to get fixed quickly .we are all glad that this is being done but please hurry !!!

  20. DAVID says :

    the site seamed slower this past week,but as with anything tech,it takes some guy,s are great.hope to see ya up and running soon.thanks.

  21. Padlatrak says :

    Thanks for the notification. I’m trying to patiently for the return of an even better site. Please keep us updated on your progress. Thank You!

  22. Ozzmosis64 says :

    Well hopefully it will all be fixed soon, withdrawal symptoms are a bit of a bugger when you aint got nothing to take for it. Hope it is not too long.

  23. ljkoop says :

    im glad its being taken care of i had been having a few problems to! i was starting to wonder if it was my computer! thanks for keeping us up to date on whats happinging! but please hurry i miss toluna!!!!

  24. Bren says :

    Whewwwwwwwwwwww….all this time I thought it was me…good to know it’s not…LOL….hope it’s up and running soon….Thanks!

  25. Michelle G says :

    Good luck and hurry back Toluna, I miss you!

  26. Yorkie404 says :

    Good I’m glad its being sorted out, as it has been very frustrating. Hurry back though, I’m really missing you guys.

  27. Rhia says :

    Thanks for the much needed update! I’ve always have had issues with the website, whether it was slow loading or technical issues around the site. For a few days it put me off going on it 😦 but soon I’ll be back to get my teeth into some surveys.

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