Opinion topics temporarily unavailable

In order to improve the site’s performance we have temporarily removed the opinion topics from Toluna. This means that for the next few days your opinion topics will not be available and that members will not be able to create new topics or post opinions; we would like to assure you that once all of technical issues have been resolved all of your existing topics will be restored.

Please stay tuned for more updates- we’re doing our best to handle the increase in traffic and to restore the site to full functionality as quickly as possible and would like to thank you again for your patience and understanding.

See you on the site,

The Toluna Team

11 responses to “Opinion topics temporarily unavailable”

  1. lin hale says :

    That’s fair enough. Looks like the site is running faster now so hopefully the problem is now getting sorted. I won’t pretend i haven’t looked at similar sites but then again don’t mind saying Toluna is by far the best so if you can resolve the problems then great as you’re street ahead of everyone else on the actual concept and ‘magic’ it takes to find the formula for something really unique – wish you all the best in getting it sorted

  2. steppenwolf says :

    Well, congratulations on getting things sorted, and I’ll look forward to everything being back and running well. I’ve often said that Toluna is just about my favourite site on the internet, and I’ll be counting the hours until you get the opinion topics back.

    And the site is SO much faster now… good work!!!

  3. Haley says :

    thanks alot for keeping us all updated, it shows that you really do care about your members on here.
    i look forward to toluna being fully restored and hopefully faster and better :O)

  4. jenny anderson says :

    OK, thats great to know that I have not lost the opinions that I created.

    I really am missing giving my opinion though.

    I wish toluna a speedy recovery! x x

  5. JJaris says :

    Well done Toluna on the increased running speed.

    Best wishes for the current site improvements.

  6. Ancelyn1331 says :

    I miss the opinion topics, but I’m enjoying answering the polls. I usually don’t bother with polls, but there are some corkers on Toluna.

  7. magsmorris says :

    Oh Toluna, I am missing you and all my Toluna mates, life does not seem right withought having my toluna fix and a cup of coffee so lets hope it wont be long till we are back to normal because i have no doubt there are lots of people out their having toluna withdrawl symtoms come back soon

  8. Sandrajoy says :

    I am really missing talking to everyone on Toluna. I know Toluna has had lots of problems recently. I have been able to log on a lot of the time and when I have logged on the site has gone to slow to use properly. I hope Toluna manage to fix all the problems and bring back the opinions very soon.

  9. Jenna says :

    Hurry back! It’s been too long!

  10. Natalie says :

    Hope the opinion topics are soon back up and running again soon!

  11. Jules02 says :

    Have not been able to access opinion topics for around two weeks, thought it was just me!! Good to see that there is still life out there in Toluna Land. Hope this is sorted out soon, been too long already, and I am missing my fellow members

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