Multiple accounts on Toluna

Dear Members,

You must be aware that as a Toluna member, you must have one single account.

According to our Terms and Conditions, any single user can only have a single Toluna account. We are thus eliminating duplicate accounts and leaving each user with only one account. We will keep the account that is most often used as the main account for these users..

Please note that henceforth, any person creating multiple accounts on Toluna will see all of his/her accounts Toluna deleted without notice from us.

Thank you for your understanding.

See you on the site,
The Toluna Team

One response to “Multiple accounts on Toluna”

  1. lrnhrz says :

    Yep, that’s fair enough i have no problem with that. One account person, any more than that would be cheating and other members would therefore lose out

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